BAGSD Flintham

Championship Trial

w/e 17 April 2016

PD Winner

flinthamwinner 700x393Photo kindly supplied by Wendy Beasley

Alan Bexon with WT. Ch. Fly By Night Lad
and PD Judge Moira Rogerson


(Kindly supplied by Barrie James)


PD Stake     Judge: Moira Rogerson                 8 Entries

1st and KCWTC Alan Bexon with Wt Ch Fly By Night Lad, WSD, D, 293½  Q

2nd and Reserve KCWTC Wendy Beasley with WT.Ch. Stardell Lunar, BC, B, 290½  Q

3rd Diane Ling with Wt Ch Deben Little Tom, Cross, D, 286½  Q

4th Les Theobald with Tytri Roman Jack, BC, D, 278 Q

Also Qualified PDex:

Terry Austin with Manpol Vixen, GSD, B, 265  Q

Vic Snook with Little Mica, Cross, B, 262  Q


WD Stake     Judge: Bill Richardson                 20 Entries

1st Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen, BC, B, 190½  Q

2nd John Currie with Dreaganta Big Mac, BC, D, 190  Q

3rd Margo Brothwell with Tangham Little Saxon, Cross, D, 189½  Q

4th Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg, BC, B, 189½  Q

Also qualifying WDex:

Liz Price with Lizline Oliver Cromwell, GSD, D, 184½  Q

Graham Reaney with Aschener Van Gough, GSD, D, 184  Q

John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory Of Tarnforce, BC, D, 183  Q

Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury, BC, D, 182½  Q

Hilary Mercer with Stardell Rana, BC, B, 179½  Q

Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Bryn, BC, D, 177½  Q

Lawrence Campbell with Conistan Danny Boy, WSD, D, 176  Q

Diane Ellis with Diandie Summer Magic, GSD, B, 171  Q

Rob Shropshire with Tadmarton Earl, Lab, D, 166  Q

Tracy Eaton with Cleynehage On The Tiles, G/Ret, 164½  Q




CD Stake     Judge:Laura Bardwell                 12 Entries

1st Alan Heatley with Jotunheim Lector, Mali, D, 98½  Q

2nd Jeny Miller with My Lanie Jayne, GSD, B, 97  Q

3rd K. Bryan with Sugarsmack Joy, Cocker, B, 92  Q

4th B. MacGuffie with Pollygina Abby Jetgirl, Lab, B, 84½ NQ