BAGSD Tewkesbury

Championship Trial  

24th-26th March, 2015.


WD Stake Winner

Angela Fields with Tarnedge Act of Faith


 (A special thanks to Rosemary Turner, Sue James and Brian Riste for helping to compile this results list)


TD Stake Judge: Les Theobald

1st                and CC  Tony Lockyer with Triple Top at Heartshill 214  second ticket.

This was Bob's second ticket and subject to confirmation makes him  WT.Ch - Well done Tony

2nd          Julie Skip with  Zac of Skipaway 213 Q

3rd           Sheila Tannert  with WT.Ch Styperson Cleo 206 Q

4th           D Ling  with WT.Ch Deben Little Tom 196.5 Q

Also Qualifying TDEX

WT CH THE TITAN (WSD) handled by Sue Ashby 196

GLENALPINE DANNY (BC) handled by Sue Russell 195

KAEFFER KAL (WSD) handled by Sheren Perez 186 ½

MILLIE MOONBEAM (CROSS) handled by Ann Shepherd 185 ½

TD only

FAR CANAL FOSTER (CROSS) handled by John Simpson 173 ½


WD Stake  -  Judge:  Sue Jones.    

1st           Angela Fields with Labrador Tarnedge Act of Faith CDex UDex    180 points

2nd          R. Shrimpton with BC Stardell Zuben  CDex UDex                              177 points

3rd           Barrie James with BC Lyrichaline Time to Shine CDex-WDex         176.5 points

4th           Margaret Robinson with WSD Just Arran at Trentvalley CDex-WDex  174 points

Also qualified:

Anne Collen with SRP Achouffe Fantome CDex UDex                 169 points

Nikki Prescott with WSD Waggerland Twinkle CDex UDex             162.5 points


UD Stake: Judge Sue Jones

1st           Pat Sutherland Glenalpine Milly 187.5 Q

2nd          Stan Ford VonHauswolf Rainhard 173 NQ

3rd           Lorna East Glenalpine Tosca 169.5  NQ

4th           Bob Shrophire Tad Marton Earl 156 NQ


CD Stake: Judge Martine Taylor

1st           Lesley Peters Tawny Hill Caddy at Troysel  87.5 Q

2nd          Gary Haim Lopitoonz Space Ranger 87 Q

3rd           Richard Rudman Nero Re-star of Vranov 85 Q

4th           Sarah Burroughes Tarnedge Classic Dancer 84.5 Q