Banbury Dog Training Club

Open Trial

10th - 12th  April

Hinton in the Hedges, Brackley, Northants


kindly supplied by Barrie James

201504101023341 smallC/A control judge John Simpson taking it easy.. Photo kindly supplied by Deb Williams


TD Stake - Judges: John Wykes N/w  John Simpson C&A

1st Margaret Robinson with Just Arran at Trent Valley, WSD, D, 216 Q

  MG 4975Photo kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

2nd Ann Clarke with Tadmarton Evita, Lab, B, 210 Q

3rd Brenda Nevard with I Spyda Spider, WSD, B, 205 Q

 MG 4984Photo kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

4th Steph Gordon with Tadmarton Daydreamer Tilly, Lab, B, 201 Q

Also Qualifying

Di Assheton-Bowtle with Hausbailey Loki, GSD, D, 198 Q

Barrie James with Lyrichaline Time To Shine, BC, D, 191 Q

Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline, Cross, B, 189 Q

Samantha Rawson with IR WTCH Ryan’s Daughter, Cross, B. 187.5 Q

Roger Shrimpton with Stardell Zuben, BC, D, 187 Q

Judith Owen with Brentmoor Jay, BC, D, 177.5 Q


UD Stake - Judges: Kate Wykes N/w  John Simpson C&A 

1st Chris Gregory with Thriftwood Allegra, G/ret, B, 191 Q

2nd Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Classic Dancer, Lab, B, 184.5 Q

 MG 4979Photo kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

3rd Jennifer Speake with Tiekiedraai Encore, GSD, B, 176.5 Q

4th Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Bryn, BC, D, 170.5 Q


CD Stake - Judge: Zoe Finlay 

1st Judith Perrin with Clancy Of The Ovgrflom, NAF, WSD, D, 83.5 Q

cdwinner smallPhoto kindly supplied by Carla Nieuwenhuizen

2nd Diane Lightfoot with Maizy Dot Lurcher, Cross, B, 74 NQ

3rd Dylan Collard with Caspers Dream, Border Terrier, D, 73.5 NQ

4th Sharon Lord with Quincebois Leyrenne, Hov. B, 45.5 NQ


Intro Stake - Judge: Zoe Finlay 

1st Ruth Cahill with Rassau Lera Of  Vomkyna, GSD, B, 91.5 Q

2nd Nicola Durrant with Pendantry Cheek To Cheek, GSHP, B, 89 NQ

3rd Diane Lightfoot with Maizy Dot Lurcher, Cross, B, 77 NQ

4th Kathy Williams with Ame Magnanime Didier De Titan, Beauceron, D, 76.5 NQ

A few photos from the first day kindly sent in by Deb Williams

201504100940531 smallTrials Manager Carla at base

201504101101213 smallTD Handler Peter Dyer with his GSD being left for the speak exercise