East Anglia WTS

Open Trial

10th February


(kindly sent in by Margo Brothwell)


1st on 307.5 Diane Ling with X-breed - Little Deben Joe CDex-TDex

2nd on 307 Jenny Richards with   ASD - Amberslade Massachusetts CDex-TDex

3rd on  281.5 Dave Clark with BC - Blade of the Glade

4th on 278.5 Adrian Quick with GSD - Falkenwald High Places CDex - TDex

also qualifying on 274.5 Richard Cornwell with GSD - Rosehaus Arturo CDex-WDex


1st on 207.5 Stan Ford with GSD - Ravenvalley Sansa CDex- UDex

2nd on 199 Sonia Collins with GSD - Lakatamia Finn CDex-WDex

3rd on 198.5 Richard Cornwell with GSD - Rosehaus Arturo CDex-WDex

4th NQ on 185.5 Eleanor Mestraud with GSD - Wolfhart Kindred Spirit CDex-WDex


1st on 174.5 Priscilla Bayliss with WSD - Bethan Bue of Kingscote

  1. 1st NQ on 183.5 Alan Sword with GSD - Ravenvalley Missenndei

2nd NQ on 183 Belinda Spensley with GR - Vikta Vivacity CDex


1st on 90 Tracy Carlick with GSD - Nicolee Lady Jodie

Special PD.

1st Sue Atkin with GSD - Miss Delila CDex-UDex

2nd Cath Phillips with X-Breed - Chocks Away Alfie CDex-WDex

3rd Stephen Bell with GSD - Stesueca Ricki

4th Chris Theobald with BC - Beverton Nan CDex-WDex