Essex 2000

Championship Trial


16th - 22nd  Nov 2015

PD Winner
Emma Baker  with  Jesszaks Ricochet Rik

nov PDwinner 440x384with Judge Gary Martin and Farmers and Club President Mr & Mrs Speakman


TD Stake Winner
Diane Ling  with  WT. Ch. Deben Little Tom

nov TDwinner 440x388with Judge Sheila Tannert and Farmers and Club President Mr & Mrs Speakman


(Photos Kindly supplied by Penny Bann and results by Barrie James)


PD Stake     Judge: Gary Martin          9 Entries     

1st  and KCWTC Emma Baker with Jesszaks Ricochet Rik, BC, D, 288½  Q

2nd  and Reserve KCWTC Alan Bexon with Wt Ch Fly By Night Lad, WSD, D, 286½  Q

3rd  Wendy Beasley with Stardell Lunar, BC, B, 280  Q

4th  Diane Ling with Wt Ch Deben Little Tom, Cross, D, 279½  Q

Also qualifying PDex:

Vic Snook with Little Mica, Cross, B, 268  Q

Bill Richardson with Kenocto Octobers Delight. Mali, D, 256½  Q


TD Stake     Judge: Sheila Tannert          43 Entries

1st  and KCWTC Diane Ling with Wt Ch Deben Little Tom, Cross, D, 209.5  Q

2nd  and Reserve KCWTC Mike Williams with Marina Ben's Pal, Cross, B, 200  Q

3rd  Vic Snook with Little Mica, Cross, B, 198.5  Q

4th  John Simpson with Far Canal Foster, Cross, D, 193  Q

Also qualifying TDex:

Paul Beasley with Stardell Spica, BC, D, 186  Q

Joyce Tibbetts with Vonhauswolf Of Maud, GSD, B, 183.5  Q


WD Stake     Judge: Malcolm Snowden          15 Entries

1st  Belinda Spensley with Carishill Emerald, 180.5  Q

Belinda Spensley 440x371

2nd  Stan Ford with Vonhauswolf Rainhard, GSD, D, 170.5  Q

3rd  Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces, BC, D, 174 NQ

4th  Ian Brown with Waggerland this Is It, WSD, D,  115  NQ


UD Stake      Judge: Joan Snowden          14 Entries

1st  Sue Ashby with The Zeta, WSD, B, 184½  NQ

2nd  Jill Kevis with Meadowdale Spider, ESS, D, 116½  NQ

3rd  Dave Currier with Clasola Tigers Eye, Weim, D, 116  NQ


CD Stake      Judge: Chris Theobald          11 Entries

1st  Andy Baker with Right Then Sonny Jim, WSD, D, 98½  Q

2nd  Moira Rogerson with Xandoas Scout, Mali, D, 89  Q

3rd  Bill Richardson with Xandoas Isa, Mali, B, 89  Q

4th  Dave Clark with Lyflame High Flyer, Mali, D, 76½  NQ