Essex 2000 WTS,

Championship Trial


27th November 2016

Ticket Winners

ticket winnersPhoto Kindly supplied by Penny Bann

TD Andy Baker with WT. Ch Sid the Lemon Squeezer

PD Emma Baker with Jesszaks Ricochet Rik


(Kindly supplied by Penny Bann)

TD STAKE  Judge: Sharon Carter

1ST           Andy Baker with WT Ch. Sid the Lemon Squeezer – 214 Q

TDwinnerandJudge 600x708Andy Baker with Judge Sharon Carter. Photo by Penny Bann.

2nd          Emma Baker with Jesszaks Richochet Rik – 212 Q (ARO)

3rd           Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Wisp – 212 Q (ARO)

4th           Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen – 212 Q (ARO)

Also qualifying in TDex

Margaret Robinson with Just Arran at Trentvalley 211 ½ Q

Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg – 210 Q

Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki – 209 Q

Gary Atkins with Glenalpine Pete – 208 Q

Barry Gilbert with Glenalpine Cosworth – 205 Q

Diane Ling with WT Ch. Deben Little Tom 203 Q

Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal – 200 ½ Q

Vic Snook with Little Mica – 197 Q

Tony Lockyer with Abbi Black at Hartshill – 194 Q

Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shaddow – 193 Q

John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce – 189 Q

Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Sirius – 188 ½ Q

Alan Sword with Manpol Special Edition – 187 Q

Lauren Marlow with Jotunheim Eli – 180 Q

Sue Hough with Stardell Alya – 177 Q


PD STAKE  Judge: Tracey Park

1st           Emma Baker with Jesszaks Richochet Rik 306 ½ Q

2nd          Diane Ling with WT Ch. Deben Little Tom 296 Q

3rd           Vic Snook with Little Mica – 282 Q

4th           Keven Hill with Joyful Jenson – 281

Also qualifying PDex

Alan Bexon with WT CH. Fly by Night Lad – 277 ½

Lauren Marlow with Jotunheim Eli – 266 ½ Q

Les Theobald with Tytri Roman Jack – 235 PD only


WD STAKE  Judge: Mike Williams

1st           Bill Richardson with Xandoas Isa – 190 ½ Q

2nd          Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli – 180 ½ Q

3rd           Andrew Lloyd with Stardell Tarazed – 179 ½ Q

4th           Claire Norton with Dreaganta Kainaat – 174 ½ Q

Also qualifying WDex

John Phillips with Hundeschafer Caden – 172 ½ Q

Ruth Payton with Kaliazar Chaos – 170 ½ Q

Steve Bell with Stesueca Ricki – 165 Q


UD STAKE  Judge: Nigel Hines

1st           Shelia Tannert with Tarnedge Leia – 188 Q

2nd          Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce – 177 ½ Q

3rd           Elizabeth Hickman with Wolfhart Tamarisk – 161 NQ

4th           Katherine Herbert with Barran Caltums Max McQ – 148 NQ


CD STAKE  Judge: Jean Howells

1st           Hanah Hyslop with Bonvivant Inspire – 88 ½ Q

2nd          Shirley Simpson with Ferrous a Touch of Beauty – 87 ½ Q

3rd           Pam Clarke with Smylie Mylie – 87 ½ Q

4th           Sarah Burroughs with Tarnedge Hobby 87Q

Also qualifying CDex

Tim Cooper with Gloster Nighthawk – 83 Q

Sam McGrath with Tracelyn Token -  CD only


SPECIAL STAKE  Judge: Rita Banfather

1st           Yvonne Carpenter with Dev at Carfeld

2nd          Les Allen with Sark Luca

3rd           Eleanor Mestraud with Wolfhart Kindred Spirit

4th           Betty Briley with Jetril Jae