Essex 2000

Open Trial


17th - 19th March


(Kindly sent in by Penny Bann)


1st           Peter Brooke with Pacescott Northern Spy CDex UDex                                   207 Q

2nd          Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli CDex – WDex                200 Q

3rd           Joan Snowdon with Stardell Mercury CDex – WDex                                        191 ½ Q

4th           Jenny Richards with Amberslade Massachusettes CDex – WDex                  185 ½ Q 

Also qualifying COM

Liz de Unger with Flintsfield Faithful Fella 182 ½ Q



1st           Diane Ling with Deben Little Joe CDex-WDex                                                       276 NQ

2nd          John Phillips with Hundeschafer Caden CDex – WDex                                        238 NQ

3rd           Alan Sword with Manpol Special Edition CDex – TDex                                       194 ½ NQ



1st           Gary Martin with Onion Sargie CDex                                                                      184 ½ Q

2nd          Ann Trodd with Highglade the Last Waltz for Chelsasa                                       172 Q

3rd           Sandra Wright with Whisperin Fleece in the Mist CDex                                     160 Q

4th           John Turtill with Dreaganta Mycorran Geala CDex UDex                                   179 NQ



1st           Eleanor Mestraud with Wolfhart Kindred Spirit                                                   190 ½ Q

2nd          Pam Clarke with Longhalves Summer Surprise                                                     189 ½ Q

3rd           Betty Briely with Jetril Jae                                                                                        180 ½ NQ

4th           Sam McGrath with Tracelyn Token                                                                         171 ½ NQ