Essex 2000 WTS

Championship Trial


TD Winner

TD 700x933

 Sue Ashby and The Zeta CDex-TDex


(kindly sent in by Penny Bann)

TD Stake  Judge: Eric Carpenter

1st and ticket winner Sue Ashby with The Zeta CDex-TDex 214 1/2 Q

2nd and reserve ticket Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal CDex-TDex 207 Q

3rd after a run off Margaret Robinson with WT Ch. Just Arran at Trent Valley CDex-TDex 206 Q

4th after a run off Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki CDex-TDex 206 Q

 Also qualifying TDex

Ann Clarke with Tadmarton Evita CDex – TDex – 199 Q

Caroline Martin with Gwynion Soll CDex – TDex – 196 Q

Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Sitius CDex – TDex - 195 Q

Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe CDex – TDex – 195 Q

Andy Baker with WT Ch. Right then Sonny Jim CDex – TDex 194 ½ Q

Mike Williams with WT Ch. Tadmarton Eleanor CDex – TDex – 191 ½ Q

Hannah Hyslop with Bonvivant Inspire CDex – TDex – 190 Q

Ruth Payton with Kaliazar Chaos CDex – TDex – 187 ½ Q

 TD only

Gary Haim with Lupintoonz Space Ranger CDex – TDex 173 ½


CD Stake Judge: John Turtill

cd 700x933

1st  Michael Woods with Ed's N Tails with Estoby 95 1/2 Q

2nd Anita Bagge with Stardell Nereid 91 1/2 Q

3rd Belinda Spensley with Vikta Vivacity 89Q

4th Stella Smyth with Morrow in Blue Jeans NQ


UD Stake  Judge: Vana Moody

ud 700x933

1st Sam McGrath with Tracelyn Token 182 Q

2nd Katherine Herbert with Barran Caltums Mac McQ CDex UDex 162 NQ


WD Stake  Judge: Alan Sword

 wd 700x933

1st Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade 194 Q

2nd Shirley Simpson with Ferrous Touch of Beauty 184 1/2 Q

3rd Chris Theobald with Beverton Nan 174 Q

4th Joyce Tibbetts with Vonhauswolf Urika 167 1/2 Q