Essex 2000

Open Working Trial



(Kindly sent in by Penny Bann)

TD Stake  Judge: Mike Williams

1st           Sonia Collins with Lakatamia Finn CDex-WDex                                         204 ½

2nd          Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade CDex-WDex                                      200 ½ (best nosework)

3rd           Di Assheton-Bowtle with The Ashbow Inkspot CDex-WDex                     200 ½

4th           Eleanor Mestraud with Wolfhart Kindred Spirit CDex-WDex                     200

Also qualifying TD Open:

Gary Martin with Firetouch Superstyling                                                                  199 ½

Richard Cornwell with Rosehaus Arturo CDex-WDex                                             197 ½

Cath Phillips with Chocks Away Alfie CDex-WDex                                                  196 ½

Stan Ford with Ravenvalley Sansa CDex UDex                                                        190 ½

WD Stake  Judge: Margo Brothwell

1st           Bob Cook with Kirk from Steinmetz CDex UDex                                       180 ½

2nd          Julien Smith with Esoteric Dream                                                              166 NQ

UD Stake Judge: Sandra Wright

1st           Karrie Langdon with Brave Tannis                                                             196

2nd          Mike Woods with Ed’s n Tails with Estoby                                                195 ½

3rd           Belinda Spensley with Vikta Vivacity                                                         193

4th           Jean Howells with Ava at Little Deeps                                                      191

C&A Judge - Wendy Magyar