Essex 2000 WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

td 720x960

Julie Atkins with WT Ch. Glenalpine Peg


TD STAKE – Judges by Linda Newbold

1st        and CC winner Julie Atkins with WT Ch. Glenalpine Peg 216 Q

2nd         and RCC Wendy Beasley with Stardell Venus 215 ½ Q

3rd         Jayne Lewis with Rhynston Rhys 205 Q

4th         Sue Ashby with The Zeta 204 Q

Also qualifying

Julie Atkins with Pat Herbert’s WT Ch. Glenalpine Fen 203 ½ Q

Ann Ketteringham with Dreaganta Lark at Coalway 201 Q

John Simpson with Far Canal Foster 200 ½ Q

Charlie Taylor with WT Ch. Glenalpine Nikki 197 Q

Les Allen with Sark Luca 193 ½ Q

Les Allen with Tadmarton Enzo 192 Q

Sally Rose with Retwerb Hot Spice 190 ½ Q

Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury 190 Q


WD STAKE - Judged by Anne Thorpe

Pam Clarke 720x960

1st          Pam Clarke with Lupitoonz Black Phoenix CDex UDex 190 Q

2nd         Bob Cook with Kirk from Steinmetz CDex – WDex 139 ½ NQ


UD Stake – Judged by Jenny Orchard

Mick Tustain 720x960

1st          Mick Tustain with Vonhauswolf Voldemort CDex – 199 ½ Q

2nd         Lauren Marlow with Petal Power – 195 Q

3rd       Ross George with Glamsen Sasha Von Dutch – 187 Q

4th       Tracy Carlick with Nicolee Lady Jodie CDex – 182 Q


CD Stake – Judged by Sharon Carter

Lauren 720x960

1st          Lauren Marlow with Petal Power – 97 ½ Q

2nd         Caroline Hollis with Holegyn Spotty Holligan – 95 Q

3rd         Sue Hough with Stardell Hektor – 91 ½ Q

4th       Lorraine Gardner with MV Dogged Determination – 90 Q

Also qualifying – Pam Blore with Strom Elyx – 85 ½ Q