Essex 2000 WTS

Open Trial



(Kindly sent in by Penny Bann)



1st      Chris Theobald and Beverton Nan CDex - WDex 190 1/2 NQ

2nd     Len Newman and Stardell Ennis CDex UDex 144 1/2 NQ

3rd      Jean Howells and Ava at Little Deeps CDex - WDex 140 1/2 NQ


WD Winner 002

1st      Belinda Spensley with Vikta Vivacity CDex UDex 186 Q

2nd     Les Theobald with Beverton Bond 180 NQ

3rd      Sylvia Cook with Fern Maiden at Goldoak 167 1/2 NQ

4th      Mike Woods with Ed's n Tails with Estoby 156 NQ


ud winner 002

1st      Sue Hough with Stardell Hekto 200 Q

2nd     Alan Sword with Ravenvalley Missendei 196 Q

3rd      Jane Wood with The Tag Man 190 1/2 NQ

4th      Caroline Martin with Firetouch Second Time 137 1/2 NQ