Essex 2000 WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

ch td medium

Wendy Beasley and Stardell Venus 


(Kindly supplied by Penny Bann)

TD Stake  Judge: Julie Atkins

17 entered

1st & CC Wendy Beasley and Stardell Venus CDex- TDex PDex BC B 195 1/2 Q

2nd & RCC Jean Howells and Ava at Little Deeps CDex-TDex BC B 189 1/2 Q

3rd Joan Snowden and Stardell Mercury BC D 184 1/2 NQ

4th John Wykes and Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce CDex-TDex RL5ex BC D 180 NQ

WD Stake Judge  Nigel Hines - 6 entered

1st Pam Clarke and Longhalves Summer Surprise CDex UDex WSD D 158 WD only

2nd Tracy Carlick and Nicolee Lady Jodie CDex UDex GSD B 157 1/2 NQ

3rd Belinda Spensley and Vikta Vivacity CDex UDex GR D 129 NQ

4th Margo Brothwell and Chelsasa Henry X/Breed D 73 NQ

UD Stake  Judge  Nigel Hines - 12 entered

1st Gary Haim and Brearton Lexi BC B 196 Q

2nd Julia Ferguson and Maybe Billycan CDex Kelp D 150 1/2 NQ

3rd Alan Sword and Ravenvalley Missendei CDex GSD B 176 NQ

4th Caroline Hollis and Holegyn Spotty Holligan CDex WSD D 144 1/2 NQ

CD Stake Judge  Sandra Wright - 7 entered

1st Sharon Carter and Tilly Trotter at Ivymoor X/Breed B 88Q