Essex 2000 WTS

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(Kindly supplied by Penny Bann)


TD Stake

1st Barry Gilbert with Glenalpine Makar BC 196 1/2 Q

2nd Penny Bann with Tarnedge Griffin with Evinlake Lab 193 Q

3rd Gary Haim with Brearton Lexi BC 190 1/2 Q

4th Ruth Bryant with Icabod Glory WSD 178 1/2 NQ

WD Stake:

1st Jane Lewis with Littlemiss Ryhnstone Wren BC 197 Q

2nd Alan Sword with Ravenvalley Missendei GSD 188 1/2 Q

3rd Andy Baker with Bryn Some Lose Some WSD 179 1/2 Q

4th Zoe Hunter with Indianna Beauty GSD 178 1/2 Q

UD Stake:

1st Ruth Bryant with Bordertrix Blue Suede Shoes BC 196 1/2 Q

2nd Karrie Langdon with Blackberry Tart WSD 94 1/2 NQ

3rd Ann Trodd with Chelsasa Alistair X-breed 52 1/2 NQ