Essex 2000 WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

 IMG 20221127 WA00041

Caroline Martin and Firetouch Second Time


(kindly supplied by Penny Bann)

CD Stake  Judge Sheila Margreaves

IMG 20221127 WA0011

1st Pauline Buckingham and Jaby Scots Pine G/R 97 1/2 Q

2nd Paul Merritt and Ravenvally Wye GSD 96 Q

3rd Vivienne Williams and Amber Rose Alena Red X/B 80 1/2 Q

4th Roseanne Vasileiou and Madiba Milo BC 68 NQ

UD Stake Judge: Gary Martin

UD winner

1st Rita Banfather and Thornstead Maple CDex Lab 195 Q

2nd Karrie Langdon and Blackberry Tart X/B 191 Q

3rd Lyndie Lothian and Perfect Pixilation WSD 189 1/2 Q

4th Judy Meekings and Flintsfield Rifleman at Windlebrook CDex Lab 186 1/2 Q

Also qualifying 

Di Whiting and Altrcia Lady Philippa CDex BC 175 1/2 Q

WD Stake Judge: Gary Martin

IMG 20221127 WA0010

1st Ruth Brant and Bordertrix Blue Sued Shoes CDex UDex BC 197 1/2 Q

2nd Margo Brothwell and Chelsasa Henry CDex - WDex X/B 194 1/2 Q

3rd Caroline Hollis and Holegyn Spotty Hooligan CDex - WDex WSD 193 Q

4th Alan Sword and Ravenvalley Missendei CDex UDex GSD 181 1/2 NQ

TD Stake Judge: Ann Thorpe

IMG 20221127 WA0001

1st & CC Caroline Martin and Firetouch Second Time CDex - TDex BC 206 1/2 Q

2nd RCC Julie Atkins and Glenalpine Ern CDex - TDex BC 203 Q

3rd Andy Baker and Bryn Some Lose Some CDex - TDex WSD 198 Q

4th Gary Haim and WT Ch. Brearton Lexi CDex - TDex BC 196 1/2 NQ