Hampshire Working Trials Society  

Open Trial

23rd – 26th March


(Results and photos kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


TD  -  Judge: Eric Carpenter.         21 entries.           3 Qualifiers

1st           Pat Herbert with B.C.  Glenalpine Fen CDex UDex                                         208.5 points

 MG 6050TD Winner Pat's Fen on left of photo and Julie 2nd with Peg

2nd          Julie Atkins handling B.C. Glenalpine Peg CDex UDex                                 203 points

3rd           Christine Gregory with Golden Retriever Thriftwood Allegra CDex UDex  202 points

4th           Caroline Martin with B.C. Gwynion Soll  CDerx-WDex                                   190 points  (NQ)


WD  -  Judge:  Gary Haim.             12 entries.           3 Qualifiers

1st           Andy Baker with WSD Right Then Sonny Jim  CDex                                               191.5 points

2nd          Ruth Payton with BC  Kaliazar Chaos CDex                                                             180 points

3rd           John West handling ASD Ambnerslade Michigan at Shepalian CDex UDex     178.5 points.

4th           Barbara Brown with WSD Eva Parnassus’ Muse  CDex UDex                               94 points   (NQ)


UD -  Judge:  Sue Russell                               16 entries            2 Qualifiers

1st           Mary Drewitt handling R. Turner’s GSD Khamysker Roulette             189 points

 MG 6061UD Winner Mary Drewitt handling Khamysker Roulette

2nd          Penny Bann with Labrador Tarnedge Khaleesi                                    187.5 points

3rd           Peter Brooke with Labrador Pacescott Northern Spy CDex               180.5 points (NQ)

4th           Gaye Strassen with GSD Kintaro Hot Pursuit at St. Fillans                   ???   (NQ)