Hampshire WTS,

Championship Trial

TD Winner

  MG 8734 CopyPhoto kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

Mike Williams with W.T.Ch. Tadmarton Eleanor



(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner.  Photos by Rosemary Turner and Sue James)

TD Stake – Judge: Lol Campbell.

43 entries (7 absentees). 18 Qual. TDEx. 1 Qual. TD.

1st Mike Williams with Labrador W.T.Ch. Tadmarton Eleanor CDex-TDex 215.5 points
2nd Sheren Perex with W.S.D. Kaeffer Kal CDex-TDex 213.5 points
3rd Julie Atkins with B.C. Glenalpine Peg CDex-TDex 211 points
4th Diane Ling with Cross W.T.Ch. Deben Little Tom CDex-TDex PDex 210 points
Other Qualifiers:
Lauren Marlow with Malinois Jotunheim Eli CDex-TDex PDex 206.5 points
Margaret Robinson with W.S.D. W.T.Ch. Just Arran at Trentvalley CDex-TDex 206.5 points
Andy Baker with W.S.D. Right Then Sonny Jim CDex-TDex 204 points
Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Wisp CDex-TDex 202 points
Sarah Burroughs with Labrador Tarnedge Velvet CDex-TDex 201.5 points
Jenny Orchard with Labrador Tadmarton Easter Lily CDex-TDex 201.5 points
Jenny Richards with A.S.D. Amberslade Massachusetts CDex-WDex 200.5 points
Sue Ashby with W.S.D. The Zeta CDex – TDex 200 points
Rita Kidson with B.C. Tregada Tye CDex-TDex 200 points
John Simpson with Cross Far Canal Foster CDex – TDex 199.5 points
Pat Herbert with W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Fen CDex – TDex 198.5 points
Jane Wood with B.C. W.T.Ch. Ludgate Power ‘N’ Glory CDex-TDex 197 points
Joan Snowden with B.C. Stardell Mercury CDex – WDex 194 points
John Wykes with B.C. Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce CDex –TDex RL4 189.5 points
Gary Haim with W.S.D. Lupitoonz Space Ranger CDex – TDex 168.5 points


WD Stake – Judge: Penny Bann.

16 entries (3 absentees). 7 Qualifiers

1st Les Allen with Labrador Sark Luca CDex-WDex 198 points
2nd Maureen O’Neill’s G.S.H.Pointer CDex – WDex 189.5 points
(handled by John Currier)
3rd Barbara Brown with W.S.D. Eva Parnassus Muse CDex-WDex 187.5 points
4th Rita Banfather with G.S.D. Tracelyn Tyrrell of Bannersway WDex 186 points
Other qualifiers:
Ursula Furter with Malinois Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy at Avonwolf 181 points
Lynda Levett with G.S.D. Thamespol Delta Baxter CDex-WDex 180 points
John West with A.S.D. Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian CDex-UDex 169 points

UD Stake – Judge: Penny Bann.

15 entries (4 absentees) 3 Qualifiers

1st Tony Orchard with Labrador College Robbie of Tadmarton CDex 195 points
2nd Lynne Watkins with H.W.H.V. Starshot Kaelen with Szikras UDex 193.5 points
3rd Sue Main with B.C. Astra Tam CDex 181.5 points
4th Sarah Burroughs with Labrador Tarnedge Hobby CDex-UDex 186 points NQ

CD Stake – Judge: Belinda Spensley.

14 entries (6 absentees) 1 Qualifier

1st Misses C. Wolstenholme & D. Moughton Goldie Tawnyhill Ultra 89.5 points
2nd Julian Smith with G.S.D. ? Esoteric Dream 77 points NQ
3rd Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. I’ll Trya Beetle 75.5 points NQ
4th Linda Payne with Cross Petersfield Girl 71 points NQ