Hampshire WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

 MG 9974  

Jill Carruthers with GSD Helaka Adella



(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)

(photos kindly supplied by Sue James)

TD Stake.  Judge:  Vana Moody.  

43 entries.   19 Qualifiers

1 st & C.C.  Jill Carruthers with G.S.D. Helaka Adella CDex-WDex                   211 points

2 nd & Res. C.C. Diane Ling with Cross Little Deben Joe CDex – TDex             210 points

3 rd John Simpson with Cross Far Canal Foster CDex-TDex                                208.5 points

4 th Hannah Hyslop with Malinois Bonvivant Inspire CDex-WDex                  206 points

Other Qualifiers:

Pat Herbert with Border Collie W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Fen  CDex-TDex          205.5 points

Tony Lockyer with G.S.D. Abbi Black at Hartshill CDex-TDex                          205 points

Gary & Julie Atkins Border Collie W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Pete TDex                   202.5 points

Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Wisp CDex-TDex                                202.5 points

Lauren Marlow with Malinois Jotunheim Eli CDex-TDex PDex                       199.5 points

John & Kate Wykes Border Collie Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce TDex 195 points

Rita Kidson with Border Collie Tregada Tye CDex-TDex                                    193.5 points

Sue Ashby with W.S.D. The Zeta CDex-TDex                                                         191.5 points

Andy Baker with W.S.D. W.T.Ch. Right Then Sonny Jim CDex-TDex             191 points

Anne Clarke with Labrador Tadmarton Evita CDex – TDex                               189 points

Sheren Perez with W.S.D. Kaeffer Kal CDex – TDex                                            188.5 points

Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Leia  CDex – TDex                              186.5 points

Caroline Martin with Border Collie Gwynion Soll CDex – TDex                       185 points

Sally Rose with Labrador Retswerb Hot Spice CDex – WDex                           185 points

Andrew Lloyd with Border Collie Stardell Tarazed CDex – TDex                    180 points


WD Stake   Judge: Tony Orchard. 

12 entries    2 Qualifiers

1 st  Sarah Burroughes with Labrador Tarnedge Hobby CDex – WDex           189.5 points

2 nd Richard Cornwell with G.S.D. Rosehaus Arturo CDex – UDex                   182 points

3 rd Mary Prentice with W.S.D. Triclan’s Robbie CDex – WDex                        155 points     NQ

4 th Sue Main Border Collie Astra Tam CDex – UDex                                            135.5 points  NQ


UD Stake   Judge:  Jenny Orchard   

10 entries    4 qualifiers

1 st   Anne Thorpe with Border Collie Stardell Electra Over Dalemain CDex 193.5 points

 MG 9945 Photo kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

2 nd Sarah Moring with Labrador Tarnedge Dancer CDex                                  189.5 points

3 rd Penny Bann with Labrador Tarnedge Griffin  CDex                                       184 points

4 th Margret Buckley  with Bearded Collie Holtend Time Traveller                 174 points


CD Stake    Judge:  Wendy Magyar   

11 entries    2 qualifiers                      

1 st Stan Ford with G.S.D. Ravenvalley Sansa                                                       94 points

2 nd Rita Kidson with Border Collie  Tregada Kyp                                                   91.5 points

3 rd Belinda Spensley with Golden Retriever Vikta Vivacity                                    84 points    NQ

4 th Marie Dixon with Cross  Billabong Boy                                                             78 points    NQ

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