Hampshire WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

 MG 9974 

Jill Carruthers with GSD Helaka Adella



(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)

(photos kindly supplied by Sue James)

TD Stake.  Judge:  Vana Moody.  

43 entries.   19 Qualifiers

1st & C.C.  Jill Carruthers with G.S.D. Helaka Adella CDex-WDex                   211 points

2nd & Res. C.C. Diane Ling with Cross Little Deben Joe CDex – TDex             210 points

3rd John Simpson with Cross Far Canal Foster CDex-TDex                                208.5 points

4th Hannah Hyslop with Malinois Bonvivant Inspire CDex-WDex                  206 points

Other Qualifiers:

Pat Herbert with Border Collie W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Fen  CDex-TDex          205.5 points

Tony Lockyer with G.S.D. Abbi Black at Hartshill CDex-TDex                          205 points

Gary & Julie Atkins Border Collie W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Pete TDex                   202.5 points

Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Wisp CDex-TDex                                202.5 points

Lauren Marlow with Malinois Jotunheim Eli CDex-TDex PDex                       199.5 points

John & Kate Wykes Border Collie Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce TDex 195 points

Rita Kidson with Border Collie Tregada Tye CDex-TDex                                    193.5 points

Sue Ashby with W.S.D. The Zeta CDex-TDex                                                         191.5 points

Andy Baker with W.S.D. W.T.Ch. Right Then Sonny Jim CDex-TDex             191 points

Anne Clarke with Labrador Tadmarton Evita CDex – TDex                               189 points

Sheren Perez with W.S.D. Kaeffer Kal CDex – TDex                                            188.5 points

Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Leia  CDex – TDex                              186.5 points

Caroline Martin with Border Collie Gwynion Soll CDex – TDex                       185 points

Sally Rose with Labrador Retswerb Hot Spice CDex – WDex                           185 points

Andrew Lloyd with Border Collie Stardell Tarazed CDex – TDex                    180 points


WD Stake   Judge: Tony Orchard. 

12 entries    2 Qualifiers

1st  Sarah Burroughes with Labrador Tarnedge Hobby CDex – WDex           189.5 points

2nd Richard Cornwell with G.S.D. Rosehaus Arturo CDex – UDex                   182 points

3rd Mary Prentice with W.S.D. Triclan’s Robbie CDex – WDex                        155 points     NQ

4th Sue Main Border Collie Astra Tam CDex – UDex                                            135.5 points  NQ


UD Stake   Judge:  Jenny Orchard   

10 entries    4 qualifiers

1st  Anne Thorpe with Border Collie Stardell Electra Over Dalemain CDex 193.5 points

 MG 9945Photo kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

2nd Sarah Moring with Labrador Tarnedge Dancer CDex                                  189.5 points

3rd Penny Bann with Labrador Tarnedge Griffin  CDex                                       184 points

4th Margret Buckley  with Bearded Collie Holtend Time Traveller                 174 points


CD Stake    Judge:  Wendy Magyar   

11 entries    2 qualifiers                      

1st Stan Ford with G.S.D. Ravenvalley Sansa                                                       94 points

2nd Rita Kidson with Border Collie  Tregada Kyp                                                   91.5 points

3rd Belinda Spensley with Golden Retriever Vikta Vivacity                                    84 points    NQ

4th Marie Dixon with Cross  Billabong Boy                                                             78 points    NQ