Hampshire WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winners

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(Results and photos kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)

TD  Stake        Judge: Eric Carpenter

38 entries.   14 Qualifiers.

1st & C.C. Julie Atkins with Border Collie W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Peg CDex-TDex          210.5 pts.

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2nd & Res. C.C. Sandra Haim with W.S.D. Bricklehampton Bess CDex-TDex             209.5 pts.

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3rd Tony Lockyer with G.S.D. Abbi Black at Hartshill CDex-TDex                                   207 pts

4th John Simpson with Cross Far Canal Foster CDex - TDex                                             206 pts.

Other Qualifiers:

Pat Herbert with Border Collie W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Fen CDex --TDex                         204

John Wykes with Border Collie Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce CDex-TDex        202

Les Allen with Labrador Tadmarton Enzo  CDex – TDex                                                    200.5 pts.

Peter Brooke with Labrador Pacescott Northern Spy CDex – TDex                              199 pts.

Sue Ashby with W.S.D. The Zeta CDex – TDex                                                                      198.5 pts.

Lauren Marlow with Malinois W.T.Ch. Jotunheim Eli  CDex – TDex                             196.5 pts.

Jill Corruthers with G.S.D. Helaka Adella CDex – TDex                                                      196 pts.

Sheila Tannert with W.T.Ch. Tarnedge Wisp CDex – TDex                                               194.5 pts.

Sheren Perez with W.S.D. Kaeffer Kal CDex – TDex                                                            190.5 pts.

Joan Snowden with Border Collie Stardell Sirius CDex – TDex                                       189 pts.


W.D. Stake     Judge: Gary Haim      

10 entries       3 Qualifiers

1st Anne Thorpe with Border Collie Stardell Electra Over Dalemain CDex-WDex   191.5 pts.

 WDwinnerCH 700x933Photo kindly supplied by Anne Bussey

2nd Janette Hickson with Border Collie Rosmarinus Calligrapher CDex – Udex       186.5 pts.

3rd Tim Cooper with Labrador Gloster Nighthawk CDex – Udex                                    180.5 pts.

4th Elizabeth Hickman with G.S.D. Wolfhart Tamarisk CDex – WDex                           172 pts.   NQ


UD Stake         Judge: Gary Haim      

5 entries         3 Qualifiers

1st John Wykes W.S.D. Buddy the Bar Steward CDex – Udex  RL1ex                    184.5 pts Q

2nd Jennifer Speake with Golden Retriever M’Tariz CDex                                         184.5 pts. Q

3rd Judy Meekings with Labrador Hollowgate Forever Amber CDex                            160 pts.    Q


CD Stake              Judge: Katherine Herbert            

7 entries              4 qualifiers

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1st Len Newman with Border Collie Stardell Enis                                                                 98.5 pts.

2nd Natalie Stevens G.S.D. Vonhauswolf Victor                                                                   97.5 pts.

3rd Barbara Brown with W.S.D. Loge the Fire Maker                                                          84.5 pts.

4th Lyndie Lothian W.S.D. Perfect Pixillation                                                                        82 pts.