Hampshire WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

IMG 5417 large

Gary Atkins with W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Ken


(Kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner)

T.D. Stake  -  18 entries.   3 absent  -  9 qualifiers

TDline large

1st and Ticket  Gary Atkins with B.C. W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Ken CDex-TDex                218 points

2nd and Reserve Ticket Gary Haim with B.C. W.T. Ch. Brearton Lexi CDex – TDex      210.5 points

3rd Julie Atkins with B.C. Glenalpine Ern CDex – TDex                                                         209 points

4th Jenny Orchard with Labrador Quornline Kiwi CDex – WDex                                       206.5 points

Also qualifying:

Dean Woodcock with Australian Kelpie Bamboozle Kane CDex – WDex                      205 points

Nicola Crowther with Labrador Sorrels Stroh CDex – TDex                                               204 points

Caroline Martin with B.C. Firetouch Second Time CDex – TDex                                      201 points

Andy Baker with W.S.D, Bryn Some Lose Some CDex – TDex                                           200 points

Steph Gordon with Labrador Mabels Maytime Tipple CDex – WDex                            188.5 points

Three dogs getting their first TDex today.


WD Stake  -  8 entries.  6 qualifiers

1st Anne Thorpe with B.C. Stardell Hati Over Dalemain CDex – WDex                       186 points

2nd John Turtill with B.C. Bruich Laddich CDex – UDex                                                        185 points

3rd Joyce Tibbetts with GSD Kentwone Perfect Petalite CDex – WDex                          178 points

4th Jill Carruthers with GSD Wolfhart’s Orchid CDex – WDex                                            177.5 points

Also qualifying:

Sharon Lord with Golden Retriever Monksgold Pearl Div ers Echo CDex-UDex         176.5 points

Diane Whiting with B.C. Altricia Lady Philippa CDex – UDex                                            160.5 points


UD Stake  -  9 entries.  2 Absent.  5 qualifiers

1st Karen Cullen with GSD Step into the Storm  CDex                                                       191 points

2nd Susanne Jaffa with Australian S.D. Amberslade Forged by Fire                                 187.5 points

3rd Pauline Buckingham with Goden Retriever Jaby Sciots Pine CDex                         184.5 points

4th Tim Cooper with Labrador Swiftlands Sink or Swim                                                      182.5 points

Also qualifying:

Tony Orchard with Labrador Swiftlands Avenger CDex                                                       178 points


CD Stake – 7 entries.  2 absent.  4 qualifiers

IMG 5430

1st Suzanne Jaffa with Australian S. D. with Amberslade Forged by Fire                   99 points

IMG 5437

2nd Tim Cooper with Laabrador Swiftlands Sink or Swim                                                   95 points

3rd Shirley Simpson with B.C. Tee Tee Teasel                                                                           89 points

4th Joanne Richards with B.C.. Freebirds Hewaven Sent                                                     76 points  (CD only)