Hampshire WTS

Open Trial

22nd March 2015

Results kindly supplied by Jean Howells


TD Judge: Yvonne Carpenter 20 entries 3 qualifiers

1st Kevin Hill with GSD Joyful Jenson CDex UDex 202.5 points Q

2nd Jane Clarke with WSD Skye's Over the Top CDex-UDex 199 points Q

3rd Lauren Marlow with BSD Malinois Jotunheim Eli CDex-WDex 192 points Q

4th Frances Webb with GSD Norwuolf Luigi CDex-WDex 185.5 points NQ


WD Judge: Penny Bann 7 entries 4 qualifiers

1st Hazel Burton with B.C. Haztons Quest CDex UDex 191 points Q

2nd June Coutts with Labrador Tadmarton Estelle CDex UDex 190 points Q

3rd M. O'Neill with German Shorthaired Pointer Minimokes Elba 181.5 points Q

4th Terry Hannam with BC Gauntletsrun Moon River FDex UDex 160.5 points Q


UD Judge: Belinda Spensley 14 entries 1 qualifier

1st Odette McInnes with Crossbreed Bobs Breecon Ozzy 165.5 points Q

2nd Margaret Tarvit with Hungarian Viszla Patakparti Angela 182.5 points NQ

3rd Jennifer Speake with GSD Tiekiedraai Encore 177 points NQ

4th Angelika Wicker with Beauceron Chiceron Captain Dunwell 175 points NQ