Championship Trial

28th Oct - 1st Nov 2015

TD Winner
John Simpson with Far Canal Foster

John Simpson 440x529Photo kindly supplied by Mark Lewindon

with Judge Jill Carruthers


(Kindly supplied by Barrie James)

TD Stake - Judge: Jill Carruthers 41 Entries

1st and KCWTC John Simpson with Far Canal Foster, Cross, D, 212½

2nd and Reserve KCWTC Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor, Lab, B, 211

3rd Kate Peyton with Astley Fleet, BC, D, 208

4th Mike Williams with Marina Ben’s Pal, Cross, B, 207

Also qualifying TDex:

Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal, WSD, B, 205½
Suzanna Hough with Stardell Alya, BC, B, 204½
Vic Snook with Little Mica, Cross, B, 195
Sue Jones with Durstone Bryn, WSD, D, 194½
Barrie James with Lyrichaline Time to Shine, BC, D, 185½
Colin Ball with Garretthall Rebus, Lab, D, 182
Jane Clarke with Skye’s Over The Top, WSD, B, 178½

WD Stake - Judge: Le Newman 14 Entries

1st Michael Woods with Jotumheim Jigsaw, Mali, B, 188½

2nd Sue Cunningham with Nose To Tail Jax, Cross, D, 181½

3rd Stan Ford with Vanhauswolf Rainhaed, GSD, D NQ (Best nosework)

4th Pam Davis with Meadle Blackthorn Jack, GSD, D, NQ


UD Stake - Judge: Le Newman 17 Entries

1st Margo Brothwell with Tangham Little Saxon, Cross, D, 194½ (Best nosework)

2nd Adrian Quick with Middleann Dream Maker, GSD, D, 192½

3rd Sue Ashby with The Zeta, WSD, B, 191½

4th Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe, Cross, D, 189½

Also qualifying UDex:
Polly Thomas with Pollgina Dennis Sparkie, Lab, D, 188
Lee Kane with Stormhaus Dascha, Rott. B, 180½
Jill Kevis with Bumbleridge’s Nightstar, Beardie, D, 178
Reg Saker with Vonlucianhan Alliance, Belgian Shepherd, B, 177½


CD Stake - Judge: Penny Bann 6 Entries

1st Sandra Wright with Fleece Whisperin In The Mist, WSD, B, 89½

2nd Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xarys’s Star Of Tarnforce, BC, B, 87½

3rd Sue Cunningham with Knaves Toffee Teasel, Podesco, B, 81½

4th T A Palmer with Siebenbaum Sentinel, GSD, D, NQ