Lincolnshire GSD&ABTS

Open Trial

8th November 2015


(kindly supplied by Barrie James)

C&A Judge: Andy Laws

CD Stake    Judge: Margaret Robinson

1st  Salley Rose with Retswerb Hot Spice, Lab, B, 80½ NQ

2nd  Dave Stewart with Bandaitch Star Edition, Cross, B, 76½ NQ

3rd  Alison Walker with Vibrant Golden Crumble, Cross, D, 66½ NQ


UD Stake     Judge: Pat Williams

1st  Rod Roberts with Little Ed, Cross, D, 196 Q

2nd  Martin Brown with Markat Jess, Mali, B, 192½ Q

3rd  David Waite with ******************, Rott, B, 192 Q

4th  J, A, Dykes with Zinzan Zoo, Cross, B, 187 Q

Cyril Barke with Legend Of Gypsy Joe, BC, D, 179 Q

Rob Boyd with Blonde From The Mist, Cross, B, 166½ Q

WD Stake     Judge: Linda Newbold

1st  Jane Lewis with Rhynston Rhys, WSD, D, 191½ Q

2nd  John Fitzpatrick with Threenines Ace Of Clubs, Mali, D, 184½ Q

3rd  John Currie with Dreaganta Big Mac, BC, D, 149 NQ

4th  Sue Ashby with The Zeta, WSD, D, 136 NQ


TD Stake     Judge: Dave Craven

1st  Paul Morling with Thornfleet Paprika, Working Cocker, B, 186½ Q

2nd  Pat Quinn with Rastwyke Rapide, Lab, D, 150 NQ

3rd  Ray Lea with Good Gollie Miss Mollie, Cross, B, 138 NQ

4th  Tracy Eaton with Cleynehage On The Tiles, G/Ret, B, 122½


PD Stake     Judge: Tom Davis

1st  Jenny Olley with Stardell Arche, BC, D, 300½ Q

2nd  Chris Trevor with Rodwell Black Prince, Lab, D, 273 Q

3rd  Dave Olley with Elmhaus Porter, GSD, D, 240½ NQ