Lincolnshire GSD & ABTS  

Championship Trial


11th-13th March


(Kindly sent in by Jenny Henton)

PD JUDGE   Mick Tustain

1st Place  Diane Ling with WTCH Deben little Tom CDx-TDx-PDx X D 251.25  NQ

2nd Place Les Theobald with Tytri Roman Jack CDx-WDEx BC D 245.5  NQ

3rd Place Terry Austin with Manpol Vixen CDx- TDx-PDx GSD B 159.25  NQ


WD JUDGE   Nigel Hines

1st place. John Currie with Dreaganta Big Mac CDx-UDx BC D  192 Q

2nd place. Ruth Cahill with Rassau  Lera of Vomkyna CDx- UDx GSD B  190.5 Q

3rd place. Jayne Lewis with Rhynston Rhys CDx- UDx WSD D  189  Q

4th place. Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury CDx- UDx BC D  176 Q

Also Qualified

Dianne Ellis with Diandie Summer Magic CDx- UDx – WDx  GSD B  172.5 Q

Liz Price with Lizline Oliver Cromwell CDx-UDx  GSD D  168 Q

Andrew Fryatt with Ash Assassind CDx-UDx  X  D  165 Q


UD JUDGE .   Jenny Olley

1st place.  Sue Ashby with The Zeta CDx- UDx WSD B  197 .5 Q

2nd place John Wykes  with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce  CDx  BC D  196.5 Q

3rd place Andy Baker with Right Then Sonny Jim  CDx WSD D   195.5 Q

4th place. Martin Brown with Markat Jess CDx. Mali B  195.5 Q

Also Qualified

David Waite with Eylauerhof Isla CDx  Rotti B  193.5 Q

Bob Shropshire with Tadmarton Earl  Lab D   187.5 Q

Barbara Brown with Eva Parnassus Muse CDx  WSD B   166 Q


CD Judge.   Gary Martin

1st place.  Jeny Miller with My Lanie Jayne GSD B   99.5 Q

2nd place.  Jain Douglas with Glenwoodian Flinders B  88.5 Q

3rd place. Sue Thompson with Oscar Prestorique X D  87 Q

4th place. Merseyside Police with Merpol Vito .GSD B  84.5  NQ

(Handler Christine Davis )