Lincolnshire GSD & ABTS

Championship Trial

11th March 2018

TD Winner

td 450x600

Pat Herbert with B.C. W.T.CH. Glenalpine Fen

PD Winner

pd 450x600

Moira Rogerson and Xandoas Scout



(Results and photos kindly sent in by Caroline and Gary Martin)


TD – Judge Lol Campbell

1st Pat Herbert with WT CH Glenalpine Fen on 213

2nd Andy Baker with Right then Sonny Jim on 205

3rd Carol Grant with Dreganta Rob Roy on 203

4th Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli on 199.5

Caroline Martin with Gwynion Soll on 197

Mike Williams with WT CH Tadmarton Eleanor on 196

Pat Parkinson with WT CH Waggerland My Shadow on 194

Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Sirius on 193

Rita Kitson with Tregada Tye on 187.5

Dave Stewart with Bandaitch Special Edition on 185.5

Kate Peyton with Astley Fleet on 180


PD – Judge Graham Reaney

1st Moira Rogerson with Xandoas Scout on 296.5

2nd Alan Bexton with WT CH Fly By Night Lad on 293.5

3rd Bill Richardson with Xandoaqs Isa on 277.5

4th Adrian Quick with Middleann Dream Maker on 276.5

Di Ling with WT CH Deben Little Tom on 269

Vic Snook with Little Mica on 265

Paul Morling with Vonlucianhan Argonaut on 263


WD – Judge David Waite

1st Jill Caruthers with Helaka Adella on 187.5

2nd Tony Orchard with College Robbie of Todmarton on 185

3rd Jeny Miller with My Lanie Jayne on 175

4th Mark Craven with Codie Canny Jack NQ on 165.5


UD – Judge Belinda Spensley

1st Nicola Foskett with Readepter Active Storm on 180

2nd Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade on 179

3rd Josie Waite with Unnelsdene Balera NQ on 186

4th Tracey Berry with Bentefruff Ethel NQ on 173.3


CD – Judge Andy Magyar

1st Richard Musgrave with Hollowgate Glow Red Forever CD only on 74.5