Lincolnshire GSD & ABTS

Championship Trial


 March 2019

TD Winner

TD Winner 700x933

Margo Brothwell with Tangham Little Saxon



(Kindly supplied by Gary Martin)

CD Stake: Judge Linda Newbold

1st Anita Bagge with Stardell Nereid - Qual CDX on 92

2nd John Wykes with Buddy The Bar Steward - Qual CDX on 86.5

3rd Deb William’s with Astra Tuzik on 81.5

4th John Standbridge with Nancy of Swalehall on 70

UD Stake: Judge Eric Carpenter

1st Carol Grant with Harry Hotshot - Qual UD on 148.5

2nd Jean Howells with Ava at Little Deeps on 169.5

WD Stake: Judge Penny Bann

1st Anne Bussey with Kellogg Cereal Killer - Qual WDX on 193.5

2nd Richard Musgrave with Hollowgate Glow Red Forever - Qual WDX on 182

3rd Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade - Qual WDX on 169.5

4th N Crowther with Sorrels Stroh on 152

TD Stake: Judge Nigel Hines

1st and CC Margo Brothwell with Tangham Little Saxon - Qual TDX on 209

2nd and res CC Di Ling with Little Deben Joe – Qual TDX on 206

3rd John Simpson with Far Canal Foster – Qual TDX on 203.5

4th Margaret Robinson with WT CH Just Arran at Trentvalley – Qual TDX on 203.5

Also Qualified TDX

Andy Baker with WT CH Right Then Sonny Jim on 201.5

Mike Williams with WT CH Tadmarton Eleanor on 198

Lol Campbell with Conistan Danny Boy on 188

Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli on 186.5

Sandra Haim with  Bricklehampton Bess on 185.5

Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Sirius on 182

Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline on 179