Lincolnshire GSD ABTS

Open Trial


( kindly supplied by Gary Martin )


TD Stake

td 720x960

NW judge: Lol Campbell

C&A judge: She Margreaves 

1st Dave Olley with Tri Thorne Glen Q on 215

2nd Eleanor Mestraud with Wolfhart Kindred Spirit Q on 204.5

3rd Jane Clarke with Pollgina Martrez Major Q 189.5

4th Jean Howells with Ava at Little Deeps Q on  183.


WD Stake  Judge: Dave Stewart

WD Open Winners 960x840

1st Mark Adam's with Tragility Autumn Wind qual on 188.5

2nd Barry Gilbert with Glenalpine Makar qual on 186

3rd Alan Bexon with Fly by Jet Lad qual on 172,5

4th Karen Hamilton with Hanbar Yogi NQ


UD NW judge Di Ellis

ud 720x960

1st J Withers with Avonwold Born Free Elsa Q on 195

2nd Linda Topliss with Linnelsdene Bee Q on 189.5

3rd Anne Thorpe with Stardell Hati over Dalemain Q on 188.5

4th S Cole with Zawspring White Lightning NQ on 169


CD Judge She Margreaves 

cd 720x960

1st T Gelsthorpe with Cassandra Wren

2nd E Boyd with Amfides Madilynn