Lincolnshire GSD & ABTS

TD Winner

8th March

Lincoln Winner2015

(photo kindly supplied by Paul Beasley)

Wendy Beasley with Wt Ch Stardell Lunar


Judge Judy Meekings

TD Stake


1st place & KCWT Certificate. Wendy Beasley with WTCh Stardell Lunar CDEx –TDEx PDEx .BC 208.5 Q

2nd place & Reserve Certificate. Julia Skipp withZak Of Skipaway CDEx –TDEX WSD 207.5 Q

3rd place. Margaret Robinson with WTCh Just Frankie At Trentvalley CDEx –TDEx WSD  206 Q

4th place. Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor CDEx –TDEx Lab 201.5 Q

Also Qualified

Mike Williams with Marina Ben’s Pal CDEx –TDEx Cross 199.5 Q

Alan Bexon with WTCh Fly by Night Lad CDEx –TDEx .PDEx  WSD 199 Q

Sheila Tannert with WTCh Styperson Cleo CDEx –TDEx Lab 198.5 Q

Vic Snook with Little Mica CDEx –TDEx Cross 193 Q

Sue Ashby with WTCh The Titan CDEx –TDEx WSD 191 Q  Best Track

John Simpson with Far Canal Foster CDEx –TDEx Cross 188 Q

Sara Burroughes with Tarnedge Velvet CDEx –TDEx Lab 185 Q

Paul Adams with Sheringem Glynn CDEx –TDEx BC 184.5 Q

Glenys Page with WTCh Bilko’s Glory CDEx –TDEx PDEx  WSD 184 Q

Paul Beasley with Stardell Spica CDEx –TDEx BC 183 Q

TD only

Tony Lockyer with Triple top at Hartshill CDEx –TDEx WSD


WD Stake


1st place. Bridget Montague with Crisella Delta Duffy CDEx –UDEx Lab 186.5 Q

2nd place. Ann Clarke with Tadmarton Evita CDEx –UDEx Lab 186.5 Q

3rd place. Barrie James with Lyrichaline Time to Shine CDEx –WDEx BC 184.5 Q

4th place. Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow CDEx –UDEx WSD 181 Q


Also Qualified

Roger Shrimpton with Stardell Zuben CDEx –UDEx BC 176.5 Q

Sue Zackheim with Coolhand Flook CDEx –UDEx Cross 176.5 Q

WD only

Jenny Henton with Blackberry Fen CDEx –WDEx Lab


UD Stake

JUDGE    Stephanie McBride

1st place.  Rebecca MacGuffie with Pollgina Fernend Falcon CDEx Lab 191.5 Q

2nd place.  Abbey Peart with Jet Brambles CDEx-UDEx Lab 187.5 Q  Best Track

3rd place. Belinda Spensely with Carishill Emerald CDEx GR 167  NQ

4th place. Fran Atkin with Waggerland Cappuccino CDEx WSD 165  NQ


CD Stake 

Judge.   Diane Ling

IMG 0568 small

1st place.  Thelma Kirchen with Quarrington Flashdance  Cross  90 Q

2nd place.  Jim Pearce with Woolshan Jonka  GSD  90 Q

3rd place. Abbey Peart with Teasel Tumbletwist Lab 89.5 Q

4th place.  Jenny Henton with Hercules of Wintercrack  Lab  89 Q

Also Qualified

Lucy Newsome with Astra Ruby Rubeus BC 87.5 Q