Leamington DTC

Championship Trial

20th November 2016

TD Winner

TDCHWinnerPhoto kindly supplied by Martine Taylor.


Winner Barry Gilbert WT Ch Glenalpine Cosworth, with  res CC winner Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki and TD judge John Wykes 


(Kindly sent in by Kate Wykes)

TD – judged by John Wykes

1st        Barry Gilbert with WT CH Glenalpine Cosworth CDex – TDex, 206, Qex

2nd       Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki CDex – TDex, 205½, Qex

3rd        Andrew Fox with Stardell Muscida CDex - TDex, 201, Qex

4th        Margaret Robinson with WT CH Just Arran @ Trentvalley CDex – TDex, 197½, Qex

Also qualifying

Caroline Martin with Gwynion Soll CDex – TDex, 196, Qex

Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal CDex – TDex, 191, Qex

June Reed with Shadowquest One And Only CDex – TDex, 184½, Qex

Jane Wood with WT CH Ludgate Power ‘N’ Glory CDex – TDex, 183, Qex

David Warrick with Space Commander CDex - TDex, 173½, TD only


UD – judged by Le Newman

1st        Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leia CDex, 195, Qex

2nd       Shirley Simpson with Ferrous A Touch Of Beauty, 182½, Qex

3rd        Tom Mills with Allmark Eduardo At Tomsziil CDex, 182, Qex

4th        Jackie Snook with Ashlindt Cider CDex, 174½, Qex


CD – judged by Len Newman

1st        Sandra Jones with Brickleampton Bess, 97, Qex

2nd       Jan Baker with Oakapple Gwinear Of Jaby, 85½, Qex

3rd        Martine Taylor with Glenalpine Valley Floyd, 4, Qex

4th        Pat Antrobus with Trisant Beca, 81½ Qex

Also qualifying

John Missin with Beesting Samba, 79, CD only


Veteran – judged by Len Newman

1st        Maurice Millington with Glenalpine Jud CDex – WDex, 148

2nd       Paul Adams with Sheringem Glynn CDex - TDex, 145

3rd        Ken Coleman with Sheringem Mac CDex – TDex, 143

4th        Ann Ferens with Clover Hayes Maisie Mouse, 134