Leamington Dog Training Club

Open Working Trial 

4th & 5th February 2017


(Kindly sent in bu Kate Wykes)

C&A judged by Sheila Tannert

TD nosework – judged by Jean Howells

1st        Ruth Payton with Kaliazar Chaos CDex, UDex, WDex, 196½, Q

2nd       Meg O’Kelly with Stardell Naos CDex, UDex, WDex, 192, NQ

3rd        Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo CDex, UDex, WDex, 184, NQ

4th        Andrea Lynd with Seldomseen Jet CDex, 169½, NQ

WD nosework – judged by Nigel Hines

1st        Penny Bann with Tarnedge Khaleesi, 176, NQ

2nd       Shirley Simpson with Ferrous A Touch Of Beauty CDex, UDex, 159, NQ

3rd        Sandra Jones with Bricklehampton Bess CDex, 151, NQ

4th        Tom Mills with Allmark Eduardo At Tomsziil CDex, UDex, 112½, NQ

CD – judged by Sarah Burroughes

1st        Michelle Mahony with Minnie Myah Of Shaldon, 77½, NQ