Championship Trial

19th November

TD Winner

DSC06178v1 700x896Photo kindly supplied by John Turtill

Mike Williams with

WT CH Tadmarton Eleanor,


(Kindly sent in by Kate Wykes) 

TD – judged by Gary Martin

1st & CC Mike Williams with WT CH Tadmarton Eleanor CDex – TDex, Q, 211, also awarded the Melnola Trophy for the Best Gundog
2nd & reserve CC Rita Kidson with Tregada Tye CDex – TDex, Q, 208
3rd John Simpson with Far Canal Foster CDex - TDex, Q, 205
4th Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Wisp CDex – TDex, Q, 203½

Also qualifying

Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal CDex – TDex, Q, 201
David Warrick with Space Commander CDex - TDex, Q, 200, also awarded Ye Ol’ Factory Mug for the Best Nosework
Andy Baker with Right Then Sonny Jim CDex – TDex, Q 197½
Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo CDex – WDex, Q 196
Tony Lockyer with Abbi Black At Hartshill CDex – TDex, Q, 195, also awarded the Coolree Trophy for the Best GSD in the Tracking Stakes
Sue Ashby with The Zeta CDex – TDex, Q, 194
Gary Haim with Lupitoonz Space Ranger CDex – TDex, Q 194
Sheila Margreaves with Khamsysker Rocket CDex – TDex, Q 193½
Pat Parkinson with WT CH Waggerland My Shadow CDex – TDex, Q 192½
Wendy Beasley with Stardell Venus CDex – TDex, Q, 190½, also awarded the Tabbi Cup for the Best Control Round
Andrew Lloyd with Stardell Tarazed, Q, 190
Margo Brothwell with Tangham Little Saxon CDex – TDex, Q, 189
Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces CDex – TDex, Q 187½
Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline CDex – WDex, Q 179½

WD – judged by Len Newman

1st Sandra Haim with Bricklehampton Bess CDex - WDex, Q, 189½
2nd Bob Shropshire with Tadmarton Earl, Q, 178
3rd Dave Stewart with Bandaitch Star Edition CDex - WDex, Q, 174½
4th Jeny Miller with My Lanie Jayne CDex - UDex, Q, 173

CD – judged by Kate Wykes

1st Anne Bussey with Kellogg Cereal Killer, Q, 97½, also awarded the John Barron Trophy for the Highest % Marks Overall (any stake)
2nd Janette Hickson with Rosmarinus Calligrapher, Q, 91½
3rd Nicky Downes with Sorrels Stroh, Q 88½
4th Richard Cornwell with Rosehaus Arturo, Q, 88½

Also qualifying

Ken Coleman with Holtend Infinity, Q, 87
Steph Gordon with Mabels Maytime Tipple, Q 85½