Leamington Dog Training Club

Open Trial 

8th & 9th February 2020


C&A judged by Dave Stewart

TD nosework – judged by Wendy Magyar

1st        Rita Kidson with Tregada Kyp CDex, UDex, WDex, BC, D, 178, Q

2nd       Steph Gordon with Mabels Maytime Tipple CDex, UDex, WDex, Lab, 139½, NQ

3rd        Bob Shropshire with Tadmarton Earl CDex, UDex, WDex, Lab, D, 136, NQ

4th        Nicky Crowther with Sorrels Stroh CDex, UDex, WDex, Lab, B 91½, NQ

UD nosework – judged by Martine Taylor

1st        Zoe Finlay with Tarnedge Colt, Lab D, 187½, NQ

2nd       Andrea Lynd with Ellswinder Queen Susan, Lab, B, 182½, NQ

3rd        Sarah Naylor with Dans Woolstone Jack CDex, Kelpie, D, 138, NQ