Leamington DTC

Open Trial

11th & 12th February 2023


(Kindly sent in by Kate Wykes)

C&A judged by Caroline Martin

TD nosework – judged by Dave Marchant

1st        Judith Stamp with Briony Beccadoon CDex, UDex, WDex,  X, B, 213½, Q

2nd       Susanne Jaffa with Quilters Fire Catcher CDex, ASD, D, 202, Q

3rd        Pat Antrobus with Trisant Beca CDex, UDex, WDex, Cocker, B, 194½, Q

4th        Kev Bryan with Tyshunde Firebug CDex, UDex, GSD, D, 191, Q

Also qualifying

Linda Newbold with Firetouch Time For Fun CDex, UDex, BC, D, 186, Q

WD nosework – judged by Andy Baker

1st        Rita Banfather with Thornstead Maple CDex, UDex, Lab, B, 191½, Q

2nd       Pat Antrobus with Trisant Aneira CDex, UDex, Cocker, B, 189½, Q

3rd        Dave Olley with Thorne Nap CDex, UDex, BC, D, 187, Q

4th        Zoe Finlay with Tarnedge Colt CDex, UDex, Lab, D, 183½, Q

Also qualifying

Pat Golding with Kizzie Cuddlebug CDex, X, B, 174½, Q

CD – judged by Caroline Martin

1st        John Turtill with Bruich Laddich, BC, D, 87, NQ

2nd       Tricia Empson with Sazmallin Swan Song of Sark, Bracco, B, 78½, NQ