Leamington Dog Training Club

Championship Working Trial Results

15th – 19th November 2023


(results supplied by Kate Wykes, photos by John Turtill)



TD – judged by Gary Haim

1st & CC Gary Atkins with WT CH Glenalpine Ken, 216½, Q + the Tabbi Cup  for best control round & Ye Ol’ Factory Mug for the best nosework + the John  Barron Trophy for the highest % overall
2nd & reserve CC Caroline Martin with Firetouch Second Time CDex - TDex,  209½, Q + the Tabbi Cup for best control round
3rd Barry Gilbert with WT CH Glenalpine Makar, 207½, Q + Ye Ol’ Factory  Mug for the best nosework
4th Pat Parkinson with Janjelly Bubbles CDex - TDex, 203½, Q

Also qualifying

Pat Antrobus with Trisant Beca CDex – WDex, 195½, Q + the Melnola Trophy for  the best gundog
Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Ern CDex – TDex, 193½, Q

WD – judged by Penny Bann

1st Lyndie Lothian with Perfect Pixillation CDex - UDex, 188½, Q + the Kersim  Cup for the best nosework
2nd Sally Rose with Coppinschase Taaka Graf CDex - UDex, 182, Q
3rd Sharon Lord with Monksgold Pearl Divers Echo CDex - WDex, 165, Q
4th Michael Loughran with Lady Lyra CDex - WDex, NQ