Midland Counties GSDA

Open Trial

Perlethorpe Villane Hall


(Kindly sent by Andy Magyar)


CD  Judge: Dave Stewart

1ST - Mr A Bunyan with The Fen Dweller, WSD – 95.5 Q

2ND - Mrs L Topliss with Linnesdene Bee, Lab – 92 Q

3RD - Mrs L Topliss with Fully Loaded, Lab – 88 Q

4TH – Mrs L Lothian with Perfect Pixillation, WSD – 79.5 NQ

UD  Judge: Zoe Finlay

1ST – Mr A Bunyan with The Fen Dweller, WSD – 186.5 Q

2ND – Mr J Wykes with Buddy the Bar Steward, WSD – 182 Q

3RD – Mr V Snook with Fouranfass Recidivist, GSD – 156.5 NQ

4TH – Miss K Woolley with Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa, GSP – 127.5 NQ

WD  Judge:  Jenny Orchard

1ST – Mrs P Parkinson with Vamp Jasmine, Gold Ret – 179.5 Q

2ND – Mrs J Howells with Ava At Little Deeps, BC – 177.5 Q

3RD – Mr D Olley with Tri Thorne Glen, WSD – 166 Q

4TH – Miss T Berry with Bentegruff Ethel, Lab – 164 Q

TD  Judge: Mike Williams

1ST – Mrs D Meade with Rekk It Robyn, X Breed – 190.5 Q

2ND – Miss T Park with Waggerland Rhum, WSD – 187.5 Q

3RD – Ms A Bussey with Kellogg Cereal Killer, X Breed – 186 Q

4TH – Mrs K Langdon with Brave Tannis, X Breed – 179.5 Q  

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