Midland Counties GSD

Open Trial

1st May 2022


(kindly sent in by Gary Martin)


TD Stake Judge: Dave Stewart

1st Jayne Lewis with Littlemiss Rhynston Wren Qual on 213

2nd  Julia Findeisen with Janjelly Spyder Qual on 210

3rd Andy Baker with Bryn Some Lose Some Qual on 208.5

4th Rita Kidson with Tregada Kyp Qual on 208

Also qualified

John Simpson with Whiterose Rafa Qual on 206.5

Steph Gordon with Maybels Maytime Tippie Qual on 205.5

John Currie with Little Bella Qual on 203.5

Dave Marchant with LookyLooky Life of Riley Qual on 197

Jackie Dykes with Jummly Jooh Qual on  194

WD TD Stake Judge: Caroline Martin

1st Suzanne Jaffa with Quilters Fire Catcher Qual on 189

2nd Lol Campbell with Call me Chip Qual on 183.5

3rd Kevin Bryan with Tyshunde Firebug NQ on 133

4th Holly Wright with Roanlodge Charmaine NQ

UD TD Stake Judge: Caroline Martin

1st Dave Marchant with Lynwood Hooli NQ on 142.5

2nd Mick  Bretherton with My Spotted Fella NQ