Midland Counties GSD ASSOCIATION

Championship Trial

TD Winner

20231008 135150 large(kindly supplied by Gary Martin)

 Pat Parkinson with Janjelly Bubbles



(kindly supplied by Gary Martin)

TD – Judge Linda Newbold

1st and CC winner Pat Parkinson with Janjelly Bubbles. Qual TDX on 214.5

2nd and Res CC Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Ern. Qual TDX on 210.5

3rd Jo McOuat with Skipmyre Majestic Star. Qual TDX on 210

4th Jenny Orchard with Quornline Kiwi. Qual TDX on 206.5


Anne Thorpe with Stardell Hati over Dalemain. Qual TDX on 204.5

Barry Gilbert with WT Ch Glenalpine Makar. Qual TDX on 203

Gary Atkins with WT Ch Glenalpine Ken. Qual TDX on 199.5

Gary Haim with WT Ch Brearton Lexi. Qual TDX on 198.5

Andy Baker with WT Ch Bryn Some Lose Some. Qual TDX on 191.5


WD – Judge Lol Campbell

1st Dave Marchant with Lynwood Hooli. Qual WDX on 180.5

2nd John Turtill with Bruich Laddich. Qual WDX on 179

3rd Christine Davis with  Fachell Wren Hesslemere

4th Mick Bretherton with My Spotted Fella


UD – Judge Nigel Hines

1st Pat Herbert with Trim's Trim. Qual UDX on 186

2nd Shirley Simpson with Tee Tee Teasel. Qual UDX on 167.5

3rd Jacquie Hall with Catello Dixie

4th Samantha Watkins with Stardell Nix


CD- Judge Eric Carpenter

1st Paul Morling with Von Loi Drax. Qual CDX on 87.5

2nd Jacquie Hall with Catello Dixie.  Qual CDX on 83

3rd Jenny Lawrence with Callhase Ario

4th Elaine Boyd with Xandras Skye Dream