North East Counties,

Championship Trial


6th September

PD Stake Winner

dolleychwinner 422x768


Dave Olley with WT. Ch. Little Raymond


(Results and Photo kindly supplied by Jacquie Hall)



PD Stake: Judge Paul Morling.

Steward Julz Findeisen
11 entries. (10 ran)

1st & Ticket W.T.Ch. Little Raymond & Dave Olley. 306 1/2 (also best nosework)
2nd & Res. Ticket. W.T.Ch. Deben Little Tom & Diane Ling 263 1/2
3rd Sherebridge Khaos & Heather Patrick 244 1/2 NQ (also best Patrol round by a BC/WSD)
4th Fly by Night Lad & Alan Bexon 242 1/2 NQ

WD Stake: Judge Sheila Margreaves.

Steward Alison Pollard.
8 entries (all ran)

1st Leetside Whizz Kid (BC) handled by Ann Bedford (don't have score - but she did the track!!) NQ
2nd Pinfold Tyg Last Chance (WSD) & John Tait. 92 NQ (shared best S/Sq. trophy)
3rd Windlegrey Phantom (Weim.) & Elaine Barr 89 NQ
4th Goosecreek Chinook (ASD) & Jackie Hilton. 84 1/2 NQ (also shared best S/Sq. trophy)
NB Tracking for both stakes was on extremely dry stubble......with ground as hard as blooming concrete!!!
Sadly, it caught some dogs out !!

CD Stake:  Judge Sharon Dunn.

Steward Adele Whittemore.
6 entries. (3 ran)

1st Tangham Little Saxon & Margo Brothwell. 96 1/2 Q
2nd Teddy Dancer of Court & Kathleen McGuckin. 87 NQ
3rd. Spindlestone Jess. 70 1/2 NQ