North East Counties WTS

Championship Trial

21 - 25 October 2015

TD Stake Winner 

Margaret Robinson and Just Arran At Trentvalley

IMG 2567Photo kindly supplied by Tracey Park


Judge Richard Musgrave


(Kindly supplied by Barrie James)


TD Stake - Judge: Richard Musgrave

1st  and KCWTC Margaret Robinson with Just Arran At Trent Valley, WSD, D, 215½

2nd  and Reserve KCWTC Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow, BC. D, 213½

3rd  Barry Gilbert with Wt Ch Glenalpine Cosworth, BC, D, 212½

4th  Diane Ling with Wt Ch Deben Little Tom, Cross, D, 210

Also qualifying TDex:

Antony Snook with Little Mica, Cross. D, 209½ (handled by Vic Snook)

Les Allen with Tadmarton Enzo, Lab, D, 209

Tony Lockyer with Wt Ch Triple Top At Hartshill, WSD, D, 209

Vic Snook with Woolshan Inkspot, GSD, D, 207½

Glenys Page with Wt Ch Bilko’s Glory, WSD, D, 205

Tracy Park with Waggerland Tyne, BC, D, 204

Jaquie Hall with Little Ashan, Cross, B, 201½

Sue Ashby with Wt Ch The Titan, WSD, D, 200½

Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Velvet, Lab, B, 199½

Andrea Lynd with Rebark Bubbly Peg, Lab, B, 196

Bill Richardson with Kenocto Octobers Delight, Mali, D, 196

Val Thomson with Tracelyn Dancing In The Dark, GSD, B, 196 (Handled by Gavin Thomson)

Mike Williams with Marina Ben’s Pal, Cross, B, 196

Dave Olley with Wt Ch Little Raymond, Cross,D, 190

Moira Rogerson with Xandoas Chance, BC, D, 189½

Gary Martin with Magic Dark Shadow, Lab, D, 186

S, Williams with Shadowquest One And Only, GSD, D, 183½ (Handled by June Reed)


WD Stake - Judge: Malcolm Snowden

IMG 2540Photo kindly supplied by Tracey Park

1st  Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces, BC, D, 186½

2nd  Dave Olley with Elmhaus Porter, GSD, D, 182½

3rd  Raymond Lea with Good Gollie Miss Molley, Cross, B, 154½ (WD)

4th  Bridget Montague with Crisella Delta Duffy, Lab, B, NQ


UD Stake - Judge: Eric Carpenter

1st  Rita Kidson with Tregada Tye, BC, D, 189½

2nd  Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Bryn, BC, D, 185½

3rd  Ruth Cahill with Rassau Lera Of Vomkyna, GSD, B, 185

4th  Tony Lockyer with Abbi Black At Hartshill, GSD, B, 180

Also Qualifying UDex:

Polly Thomas with Pollgina Dennis Sparkie, Lab, D, 179

Qualifying UD:

John Shires with Anteussucht Jager, GSD, D, 152½


CD Stake - Judge: Margo Brothwell 

IMG 2539Photo kindly supplied by Tracey Park

1st  Laura Bardwell with Milebush Farm Harry, Lab, D, 95½

2nd  Doug Shearer with Dreaganta Typsi, BC, B, 94½

3rd  Tom Mills with Allmark Eduardo At Tomsziil, ASD, D, 83½

4th  Rosemary Smyth with Finn My Cool Collie, BC, D, 80

Qualifying CD:

Gail Gwesyn - Pryce with Zavi Java At Concenn, GSD, D, 78