North East Counties

Championship Trial


11th September

PD Winner

alanbexon and lorna cropped

Alan Bexon & Fly


(Kindly supplied by Jackie Hall)

PD 6 dogs ran Judge; Lorna Cottier

!st & C.C Alan Bexon & Fly 305.5
2nd & Reserve C.C Diane Ling & Tom 288.5
3rd Q Bill Richardson & Eck 282
4th NQ Vic Snook & Mica

UD. 2 dogs ran Judge; Alison Pollard

1st Rosemaray Smyth & Finn my Cool Collie Q
2nd Sharon Brown & Tarnedge Eclipse NQ

CD 5 dogs ran Judge John Tait.

1st Mike Wilson & The Melv Mix 97 Q
2nd Veronica Errington & Pollgina Rosend Shanti 88 NQ
3rd Lorraine Wilson Blimey Lifge of Riley NQ
4th Joyce Watson & Bandaitch Blyth Brea NQ


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