North East Counties

Championship Trial


9th October 2016

TD Winner


Tracey Park with Waggerland Tyne


(Kindly sent in by Ann Bedford)


TD Stake, Judge Jill Carruthers

1st Tracey Park. Waggerland Tyne 212

2nd Charlie Taylor Glenalpine Nikki 209.5

3rd Chris Trevor Rodwells Black Prince 209

Pat Parkinson Waggerland My Shadow 204

Dave Marchant Stardell Pisces 204

Margaret Robinson Just Arran at Trentvalley 201

Gary Atkins Glenalpine Pete 201

Dave Craven Quiz-is Something Special 200.5

Mike Williams Marina Ben's Pal 197.5

Bill Richardson Kenocto Octobers Delight 188

Jim Sewell Stardell Tyl 177.5


WD Stake, Judge: Nigel Hines

Rita Kidson Tregada Tye 197

Andrea Lynd Seldomseen Jet 191.5

John Wykes Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce 189

Doug Shearer Dreaganta Typsi 187.5

Karen Bexon Spicey Little Man 184.5

John Phillips Hundeschafer Caden 184

Jackie Dykes Zinzan Zoo 182.5

Jenny Holt Beelaholt Bryn 178

Moira Rogerson Xandoas Isa 178


UD Stake, Judge Linda Newbold

Kate Wykes Dreaganta Xary's Star of Tarnforce 191.5

Sharon Brown Tarnedge Eclipse 187

Sheila Tannert Tarnedge Leia 180.5


CD Stake, Judge: Andy Laws

Doug Shearer Dreaganta Daubys Dynasty 93


Veteran, Judge: Andy Laws

John Wykes Kipcroft Red Kyle of Tarnforce 129.5

Fran Atkin Bledri of Stepaside 128.75

Ann Bedford Leetside Whizzkid 128.5

Andrea Lynd Rebark Bubbly Peg 127.75