North East Counties

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PD. Judge Terry Austin 6 entries 3 ran.

1st Bill Richardson & Xandoas Isa Q 311 1/2
2nd Brian Glasgow & Randolfield Neila NQ
3rd Dave Marchant & Stardell Pisces NQ

C and A judge Lol Campbell

TD Judge Caroline Wright 13 entries. 12 ran.

1st Andrea Lynd & Seldomseen Jet Q 198
2nd Michelle Biddle & Jackanory What a Story Q 192 1/2
3rd. Doug Shearer & Dreaganta Dauby's Dynasty. NQ 205 1/2
4th Lorraine Wilson & Blimey Life of Riley NQ178

WD Judge Karen Bexon. 5 entries 4 ran.

1st Ann Bedford & Vytensa Henning Q 188 1/2
2nd Debbie Meade & Rekkit Robyn Q187
3rd Andrew Henley & Xandoas Teak. NQ
4th Alison Robertson &Forgecroft Midnight Folly NQ

UD Judge Terry Austin 6 entries 4 ran

1st Adele Whittemore & Tughallellie Flyer Q 180 1/2
2nd Colin Telford & Stratton Hill Kalem NQ
3rd.Susan Barclay & Gentlebears Gemmas Boy NQ
4th Scullymadra Tomintoul of Avawaga NQ

CD Judge Lol Campbell 1 entry

1st. Ms E Palfi & Trijem Burning no Bridges 76 NQ

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