North East Counties WTS

Championship Trial


TD Winner

lesallen 960x1131

Les Allen with Sark Luca



(kindly sent in by Tracey Park)

TD Stake

1st CC Q 209 Les Allen and Sark Luca

2nd and res Q 208.5 Gary Martin and Firetouch Superstylin

3rd Q 207.5 Sue Ashby and The Zeta

4th Q 207 Sheila Tannert and WTCh Tarnedge Wisp Q 206

Jayne Lewis and Rhynston Rhys Q 201.5

Bill Richardson and WTCh Xandoas Isa Q 200.5

Caroline Martin and Gwynion Soll Q 197

Rosemary Smyth and Finn my Cool Collie Q 194.5

Lol Campbell and Conistan Danny Boy Q 190.5

Rita Kidson and Tregada Tye Q 189

Margaret Robinson and WTCh Just Arran at Trentvalley

WD Stake

1st Q 187 ARO Jain Douglas and Skylark Gael

2nd Q 187 ARO Alasdair Bunyan and The Fen Dweller

3rd Q 183.5 Rita Kidson and Tregada Kyp

4th Q 179.5 Jenny Wood and Hartshill Athena

UD Stake

1st Q 194 Ruth Bryant and Icabod Glory

2nd NQ 187.5 Vic Snook Fouranfass Recidivist

CD Stake

1st Q 95.5 Alan Bexon and Fly by Jet Lad

2nd Q 94.5 Barry Gilbert and Glenalpine Makar

3rd NQ 84.5 Glenys Page and Elmleas Connie

4th NQ 81.5 and Best track Andrea Lynd and Ellswinder Queen Susan

Special Novice Results

1st 197 Ashleigh Foster and Paluka Qaro

2nd 182.5 Les Theobald and Beverton Bond

3rd 172 Jackie Dykes and Jummly Joo

4th 162.5 Rachel Henderson and Strettonhills in April

Special Open Results

1st 194 Michelle Biddle and Jackanory What a Story