North West Working Trials Society

Open Trial

24th  - 27th November 2016


(Kindly sent in by Judith Stamp)

TD Stake Judge: Ann Bedford

1st  Sandra Lewindon with Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli WSD Q 206.5  Also Best Track Trophy

2nd  Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo  X/B Q 203.5

3rd  Sheila Margreaves with Khamysker Rocket  GSD Q 203

4th  Moira Rogerson with Xandoas Scout  BSD Malinois  Q 202.5

Also qualified :-

Jayne Lewis with Rhynston Rhys  WSD Q 201.5

Tracey Eaton with Cleynhage on the Tiles  GR  Q 199

Ray Lea with Good Gollie Miss Molly  X/B  Q 197.5

Mark Craven with Codie Canny Jack  WSD  Q 194.5

Rosemary Turner with Khamysker Kalamity Kate  GSD  Q 188

Jackie Hall with Meadowburn Little Biddy  X/B  Q 177


UD Stake Judge: Jain Douglas

1st  Mark Lewindon with The Cheka at Bracokeli  GSD  Q 190  Also Best Track Trophy

2nd  Rosemary Smyth with Finn My Cool Collie  BC  Q 187

3rd  Dave Stretch with Oakenholt Baird  LAB.  Q 186  Best Gundog of the Trial Trophy

4th  Cath Phillips with Chocks Away Alfie  X/B  Q 184.75

Also qualified :-

Becky MacGuffie with Pollgina Abbey Jetgirl  LAB.  Q 183.5

Gill Moran with Snoopcats Life of Riley  WSD  Q 173

Jackie Hope (Handler) with Crawall Vom Alten Forsterhaus N.A.F. (Owner E Wight)  Q 167


CD Stake Judge:  Maurice Millington

1st  Chris Greenhalgh with Billy Willy  ESS  NQ

2nd  Sharon Lord with Quincebois Leyrenne  NQ