Senior Nosework.


Many thanks to NWWTS for asking me to judge. Weather was dreadful, rain, sleet, heavy snow, wind, driving rain and lots of mud. My tracklayers and Steward were great - Dave Stretch, Chris Greenhaigh, Sue Ashley, Paul Quinlan and Gill Armstrong. In hindsight I might have changed the track patten slightly but limited to a 100 x 50 yard area, so a bit limited, and articles perhaps a bit bigger in the square, however all dogs had at least 3 of the four, and if they got round the track found the articles, so perhaps I worry too much! Anyone competing in the conditions we had all deserve a pat on the back at least.

DOY Track

Saturday we had 4 competitors with three of the four completing the track, weather better than the Sunday and with the best success. On Sunday 6 of the 8 entries competed but only one got round the track. All dogs were shown where the track went afterwards and allowed to give the dogs the experience.  There were 5 articles on the track - piece of scourer, bit of fake mistletoe, plastic spoon, rolled up bank note & a medal on a ribbon. 4 search articles - a tennis ball, wooden drinks stirrer, carpet and wire tie.

1st:  Jackie Dykes and Poppy. Track 79. Articles 45 (5) Search34 (4).Total: 158. ( out of: 80/50/35)

2nd: Judith Stamp and Mable. 77. 50. 26 (3). T: 153

3rd: Dave Warrick and Vulcan. 76. 50. 27 (3).  T: 153

Dave had joint marks with Judith but I gave it to the highest track mark but Dave came 2nd in the control (judged by Terry Austin), so that worked out nicely!

Jenny Holt and Bryn were the only team to get round on the Sunday with

68/45/26 (3) missing two legs out on the track.

The whole event was expertly staged with good hospitality. Thank you to Jenny Holt for putting me up for the night and for the addictive conversation about dogs - what else!!