Scottish Working Trials Society

Championship Trial

Lauder, 15th - 17th May 2015

PD Winner

Manda McLellan & WT. Ch. Little Tiger


Judge Lorna Cottier

Tiger SWTSPhoto by Gill Davis


(Kindly supplied by June McPhillips)

PD: Stake Judge: Lorna Cottier

1st Manda McLellan & Little Tiger Q 282.5 (also won Best Patrol jointly with Lee Payne)
2nd Alan Bexon & WTCH Fly by Night Lad Q 279
3rd Terry Austin & Manpol Vixen Q 275.5
4th Dave Olley & WTCH Little Raymond Q 272.5 (also won Best Nosework
Also qualified:
Bill Richardson & Kenocto Octobers Delight Q 271

WD:Stake Judge: Julia Findeisen

1st Lol Campbell & Coniston Danny Boy Q 181
2nd Judith Stamp & Little Madam Mabelline Q 180
3rd Ray Lea & Good Golly Miss Molly Q 179
4th Jenny Wood & Forguecroft Top Gun Q 175
Also qualified:
Emily Arch & Jasper the Cowpe Crusader Q 170
Jacquie Hall & Little Ashan Q 167.5

UD: Stake Judge: Lorraine Wilson

1st Caroline Wright & Dreaganta Dash O'Devilment Q 199 (also shared Best Nosework)
2nd Dave Olley & Elmhaus Porter Q 196
3rd Caroline Martin & Gwynion Soll Q 195
4th Karen Bexon & Spicey Little Man Q 193 (also shared Best Nosework)
Also qualified:
Elaine Barr & Freddie's Just Dynamite Q 185
Jenny Beaton & Forguecroft Dark Knight Q 184
Michelle Biddle & Jackanory What A Story Q 179
Denise Curren & Madsway Aramis Q 170.5
Sharon Dunn & North Prince Night Q 171.5
Mick Fryatt & Ash Assassino Q 190.5
Caroline Middleton & Raycris Quite Amazing von Zelawen Q 190
John Phillips & Hundeschafer Caden UD Only 156.5

CD Stake  Judge: Jill Carruthers

1st Barbara brown & Eva Parnassus Muse Q 91
2nd Jenny Beaton & Forguecroft Dark Night Q 88.5
3rd Jenny Holt & Beelaholt Briar Q 87
4th Doug Shearer & Dreaganta Typsi NQ 84.5

Intro Stake Judge: Jill Carruthers

1st Ann Bedford & Bertie Woofster 'Q' 94

Veteran Stake Judge: David McPhillips

1st Ann Bedford & Abi Nevis Say Die 140/140
2nd John Tait & Pinfold Fly 139/140
3rd Doug Shearer & Dreaganta Alpha Centauri 128/140
4th Kim Astbury & Big Trouble Little China 127/140