Scottish Working Trials Society

Championship Trial


30th August

Mike and Tara Lauder Aug 15

TD  Winner 

Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor 

 with TD Stake Judge - Anne Collen



(Results and photo kindly supplied by Barrie James)

TD Stake - Judge: Anne Collen    29 Entries 

1st Mike Williams with Tadmarton Eleanor CDex-TDex, Lab,B. 205.5

2nd Glenys Page with WT Ch Bilko’s Glory CDex-TDex,PDex, WSD. D. 199

3rd Barry Gilbert with WT Ch Glenalpine Cosworth CDex-TDex, BC. D. 198

4th Heather Patrick with Sherebridge Khaos CDex-TDex, IPO3, BC. D. 194.5

Also qualifying TDex:

Carol Grant with Dreaganta Rob Roy CDex-WDex BC. D. 194

Tracey Park with Waggerland Tyne CDex-TDex BC.D. 190

Andrea Lynd with Rebark Bubbly Peg CDex-TDex Lab. B. 188.5

Lorna Cottier with Stardell Mars BC.D. 181.5

Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Wisp CDex-WDex Lab.B. 180.5


WD Stake - Judge: Brian Glasgow   17 Entries 

1st Dave Olley with Elmhaus Porter CDex-UDex, GSD. D. 197

2nd Jenny Olley with Stardell Archie CDex-WDex, BC. D. 195.5

3rd Elaine Barr with Windlegrey Phantom CDex-UDex Weim. D. 193.75

4th Jenny Wood with Forguecroft Top Gun CDex-UDex. GSD. D. 192

Also qualifying WDex:

Vicky Dixon with Rustix Ali, Mali, B. 188.75

Raymond Lea with Good Golly Miss Molly CDex-WDex, XB. B. 188

Barbara Bell with Dreaganta Milo CDex-UDex, BC. D. 186

Caroline Martin with Gwynion Soll CDex-UDex, BC. D. 183

Dianne Ellis with Diandie Summer Magic CDex-UDex, GSD. B. 181.25

Qualified WD:

Cheryl Savage with Dreaganta Kyp CDex-UDex, BC. B. 155.75


UD Stake - Judge:Stevie Braithwaite   6 Entries 

1st Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Briar CDex, BC. B. 192  Q

2nd John Currie with Dreaganta Big Mac, BC. D. 189  Q

3rd M. McFadyen with Threenines Anna CDex, Mali. B. 155.5 NQ

4th Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Bryn CDex BC. D. 145  NQ


CD Stake - Judge: Pat Parkinson   13 Entries 

1st Jackie Dykes with ZinZan Zoo, XB. B. 85 NQ

2nd Diane Collie with Waggerland Tip Top, WSD. B. 85 NQ

3rd John Currie with Dreaganat Big Mac, BC. D. 82 NQ

4th Yvonne Walker with Bandaitch Shiran, XB. B. 81 NQ


Introductory Stake - Patk Parkinson   6 Entries 

1st Diane Collie with Waggerland Ti Top, WSD. D. 99

2nd John Turtill with Dreaganta Mycorran Geala, BC. B. 94

3rd Helen Kelly with Celtacastus Native Breeze, GSD. B. 94

4th Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xarys’s Star of Tarnforce, BC. B. 93


Veteran Stake - Judge: Lesley Drummer   12 Entries 

1st John Wykes with Kipcroft Red Kyle of Tarnforce CDex-TDex, BC. D. 135

2nd Kim Astbury with Big Trouble Little China, BC. B. 134.5

3rd John Tait with Pinfold Fly, WSD. B. 134

4th Judith Stamp with Sprollie Dollie CDex-WDex, XB. B. 133