Scottish Working Trials Society,

Championship Trial


22nd May 2016

WD vet winnersWD Stake winner Caroline Wright and Veteran Stake winner Nick McMechan



(Kindly supplied by Lorna Cottier)


We had sunshine, thunder, rain and wind but that didn’t stop some excellent tracking and fabulous control, agility and patrol work.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way; all your time and efforts were very much appreciated.

 Our super judges were Jeff Poole (PD), Gary Tait (WD), Chris Trevor (UD), Alison Pollard (Intro & CD) and Jackie Hilton (Veteran).

Our helpers, and apologies if anyone has been left out but it’s been a long day…

 PD – Lorna Cottier (search, C&A, patrol steward), Derek McAulay & Andrea Lynd (Tracklayers), Iain Forrest, Chris Trevor, Mike Wilson, Brian Glasgow (protected stewards)

 WD – Fay Rae (search & C&A steward), Jim Jeffrey, Jill Carruthers, Pam Cuthbert (tracklayers)

 UD – Cath Gordon (search & C&A steward), Shirley Windsor & Jackie Hilton (tracklayers)

 CD & Intro – stewards Sharon Dunn & Jackie Dykes

 Veteran – Derek McAulay, Jimmy Scott, Andrea Lynd

 Base – Lorraine Wilson, Heather Patrick, Caroline Wright, Judith Stamp

 Everything else inc jumps etc – Derek McAulay.

 Also thanks to all the competitors for entering and supporting the trial.

Finally a big thank you to our fab trials manager Ann Bedford for all her hard work before, during and most likely after the trial. 


PD Stake – Judge Jeff Poole

7 entries

1st Di Ling & WT Ch Deben Little Tom CDex – TDex PDex 245 NQ (Best patrol round)

2nd Jenny Olley & Stardell Arche CDex-TDex 238 NQ (Best nosework)

3rd Les Theobald & Tytri Roman Jack 230 NQ

4th Alan Bexon & WT Ch Fly By Night CDex – TDex PDex 229 NQ


WD Stake –  Judge Gary Tait

22 entries

1st Caroline Wright & Dreaganta Dash O’Devilment CDex-WDex 198 (Best nosework) 198

2nd Di Ling & Little Deben Joe CDex-UDex 195

3rd Judith Stamp & Little Madam Mabelline CDex-WDex 191.5

4th Bill Mackie & Budlauber Anya CDex-WDex  155.5 (WD only)


UD Stake – Judge Chris Trevor

7 entries

1st Moira Rogerson & Xandoas Scout CDex 196.5

2nd Bill Richardson & Xandoas Isa CDex 195

3rd Alasdair Bunyon & Rune the Loon 184

4th Fran Atkin & Waggerland Cappuccino CDex 156.5 NQ


CD Stake – Judge Alison Pollard

12 entries

1st Rod Roberts & Little Ed 99.5

2nd Helen Kelly & Celtacastus Native Breeze 96.5

3rd Sharon Brown & Tarnedge Eclipse 90.5

4th Bairbre Sharkey & Go Bellistic 89.5

Also qualifing CDex

Sue McCabe & Einhallow’s Pint O’Black Stuff 89.5

Dave Stretch & Oakenholt Baird 84.5


Intro Stake –Judge Alison Pollard

2 entries

1st Dave Stretch & Oakenholt Baird 89.5

2nd Evelyn Hall & Hope Pedro


Veteran Stake – Judge Jackie Hilton

13 entries

1st Nick McMechan & Black Amaethon  130

2nd John Wykes & Kipcroft Red Kyle of Tarnforce 129.5

& Lorraine Wilson & Leefside Whizz Kid 129.5

4th Mary Edgar & Kipcroft Lex 129