SWTS MacMerry

Open Trial –

1st & 2nd October 2016


(Kindly sent in by Lorna Cottier)

Macmerry1024x576Elaine Barr & Freddie Tracking

Who says the sun doesn't shine in Scotland?! We've had the most amazing weather at the Macmerry Open Trial that meant everyone seemed to have a great time, whether they qualified or not.

Very many thanks to Nick McMechan for organising the trial and all his hard work before, during and no doubt after the trial. We had a fab new base and excellent tracking ground with the C&A field right next to it.

Thanks to everyone who judged, helped and entered. We hope you all enjoyed it too.

PD Stake  - Judge Bill Richardson

1st Brian Glasgow & Randolfield Neila, GSD 234.5 NQ


TD Stake – Judge Lorna Cottier

1st Caroline Wright & Dreaganta Dash O’Devilment, BC 206.5 COM

(After a heelwork & speak run off in the pub car park!)

2nd Sharon Brown & Tarnedge Eclipse, Lab 206.5 COM

3rd Elaine Barr & Freddie’s Just Dynamite, Cocker Spaniel, 205.5 COM (Best nosework)

4th Joyce Watson & Colinton Ceil, X Breed, 196.5 COM


WD Stake – Fay Rae

1st – Andrea Lynd & Seldomseen Jet, Lab, 187 COM

2nd Yvonne Walker & Bandaitch Shirin, X Breed, 182 NQ (Best nosework)

3rd Alison Robertson & Forguecroft Midnight Folly, GSD, 71 NQ


UD Stake – Judge Fay Rae

1st Mike Wilson & The Melv Mix, X Breed, 194.5 COM (Best nosework)

2nd Lorraine Wilson & Blimey Life of Riley, X Breed, 188.5 COM

3rd Jackie Hilton & Goosecreek Dakota, Aus Shep, 163.5 NQ

4th Joyce Watson & Bandaitch Blyth Brea, X Breed, 153 NQ


CD Stake – Judge Cath Gordon

1st Elaine Low & Honesty Blaze, X Breed, 77 NQ

2nd Colin Telford & Stretton Hill Kalem, GSD, 69.5 NQ