Scottish WTS

Championship Trial


TD Winner

TD Winner Jayne Lewis 900x675

Jayne Lewis & Rhynston Rhys



(Results and photos Kindly sent in by Lorna Cottier)

(Gallery photos by Sue James)

TD Stake (33 entries) – Judge Judith Owens Poole

1st & WT Certificate – Jayne Lewis & Rhynston Rhys (WSD) – impressive way to get your first TDex!! 211.5
2nd Margaret Robinson & WT Ch Just Arran at Trentvalley (WSD) 209.5
3rd Mike Williams & WT Ch Tadmarton Eleanor (lab) 207.5
4th Julie Atkins & Glenalpine Peg (BC) 206.5
Also qualifying TDex
Lorna Cottier & Stardell Mars (BC) 202
Pat Parkinson & WT Ch Waggerland My Shadow (WSD) 199.5
Pat Herbert & WT Ch Glenalpine Fen (BC) 199
Margo Brothwell & Tangham Little Saxon (X Breed) 197.5
Elaine Barr & Freddies Just Dynamite (Cocker Spaniel) 188
Fay Rae & Silversnipe Only Once (Lab) 187
Barrie James & Lyrichaline Time To Shine (BC) 181
Vic Snook & Little Mica (X Breed) 178.5
John Wykes & Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce (BC) 169 TD only
Joyce Watson & Colinton Ceil 159 TD only

Qualifying TDex for the first time Elaine Barr Freddie 900x675Qualifying TDex for the first time Elaine Barr and Freddie


WD Stake (20 entries) – Judge Lorraine Wilson

1st Les Allen & Sark Luca (Lab) 191.5
2nd Doug Shearer & Dreaganta Dauby’s Dynasty (BC) 189.5
3rd Cheryl Savage & Dreaganta Kyp (BC)
4th Kate Wykes & Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce (BC) 186.5
Also qualifying WDex
Gill Moran & Snoopcats Life of Riley (WSD) 182.5
Peter Brooke & Pacescott Northern Spy (Lab) 169
Fran Atkin & Waggerland Cappuccino (WSD) 164

UD Stake (8 entries) – Judge Pam Cuthbert

1st Debbie Meade & Rekkit Robyn (X Breed) 189.5 Ex
2nd Heather Patrick & Palerty Havoc (Boxer) 186 Ex
3rd Val Joughin & Nidderdale Blue Magic (WSD) 180.5 Ex
4th Joyce Watson & Bandaitch Blyth Brea (X Breed) 167.5 Ex

CD UD Winner Deborah Meade 900x675CD & UD Winner Deborah Meade

CD Stake (5 entries) – Judge Cath Gordon

1st Debbie Meade & Rekkit Robyn (X Breed) 98.5 Ex
2nd Heather Corkin & Fouranfass Phury (GSD) 95 Ex
3rd Steve Hirst & Scullymandra Tomintoul of Avawaga (ASD) 90 Ex
4th Heather Corking & Fouranfass Passendale (GSD) 89.5 Ex

Special Fun Stake (14 entries) – Judge Carol Russell

1st Fran Atkin & Bledri of Stepaside (WSD) 195.5
2nd Alison Robertson & Forguecroft Dash N Dammit (GSD) 193
3rd John Wykes & Kipcroft Red Kyle of Tarnforce (BC) 192.5
4th Sue James & Corriedhu Cesan (BC) 188