Scottish WTS

Championship Trial

Lauder – 18/19 May 2019

PD Winner


Wendy Beasley  with Stardell Venus  with Judge Paul Morling



(Kindly sent in by Shirley Windsor)

PD Stake: Judge – Paul Morling

 1st Wendy Beasley  Stardell Venus                             266     Q

2nd Vic Snook          Little Mica                                   255.5 NQ      Best Patrol

3rd  Dave Marchant  Stardell Pisces                            240     NQ     Best Nosework

4th  Di Ling              Little Deben Joe                          230.5  NQ    

WD Stake: Judge -  Jill Carruthers

 1st  Pat Parkinson    Vamp Jasmine                            177     Q       Best Nosework

2nd Andrew Henley  Xandaos Teak                             168     Q

3rd Susan Barclay    Gentlebears Gemma’s Boy          153     NQ

4th Jane Swaby       Tara Swaby                                  86.5    NQ

UD Stake:  Judge - Pam Cuthbert

1st Kath Wooley       Fayeem Get Ready for Dunsa      190.5  Q       Best Nosework

CD Stake:  Judge - Pam Cuthbert 

1st Alasdair Bunyan The Fen Dweller                          99.5    Q      

2nd Kath Wooley      Fayeem Get Ready for Dunsa      92.5    Q

3rd  Vic Snook          Fouranass Recividist                   87      Q

4th Glenys Page      Elmleas Connie                           78.5    NQ

5th H Hutcheon        Moonwater Gracie                       67.5    NQ

Special Fun Stake: Judge: Elaine Barr

 1st Ann Bedford       Stardell Mars                              198     (handling on behalf of Lorna Cottier)

2nd Colin Telford      Strettonhill Kalem                        190

3rd Viv Votier           Bertie Woofster                           187

4th Cath Gordon     Strettonhill Fair N Square             106

5th Cath Gordon      Nnerum Fanfare                          105.5